Gold Detector Price From European Technology Group
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Gold Detector Price From European Technology Group

Best Gold Detector Price & Metal detector with free shipping to worldwide. Order your device now From European Technology Group.

Gold Detector Price From European Technology Group

Gold Detector Price From European Technology Group

So how much is the gold detector price? how much do gold detector cost?

Gold detector prices list 

Know the gold detector price with a 3-year warranty, and these prices do not include shipping:

  • klayzer GR Pro price: 5500 $ usd
  • Klayzer Max 2d price; 2100 $ usd
  • Invenio Pro price: 7500 USD
  • Invenio gold detector: $ 5800
  • Deep Hunter Pro: 4,799 USD
  • Impact Pro: US $ 1099
  • Gold klayzer : $ 790
  • Multi-klayzer : $ 990
  • Simplex detector: $ 299
  • Evo Plus gold detector: $ 3,500
  • Meinlab GPZ 7000: 7999 USD
  • Gold Monster 1000: 990 USD
  • Meinlab GBX 5000: $ 2,999
  • minelab equinox 800 : $ 990

Like with all products on the market, the best gold detector prices varies a lot based on several factors such as the brand, retailer, features and quality of the device. You can find gold detector, which is as cheap as $500 on the lower scale.

However, you could spend as much as 7000 $ or more on some professional gold detectors that come with incredible depth range and discrimination capabilities and other useful features. Generally, the better the performance and more features of the device, the higher the price that you will have to pay for it.

Below is an overview of some factors that influence the gold detector price

Search Technology

The search or detection technology of the gold detector is a key factor in determining its price and cost to the user. Because the manufacture of some gold detection devices according to a specific detection technology requires greater gold detector machine price.

Thus increase the gold detector machine price of final sale, in contrast, some detection techniques do not require many pieces or expensive parts, so the final gold finder machine price is relatively cheaper.

Example: Very Low frequency (VLF) gold detectors are the most common and inexpensive gold and metal detectors because they do not require significant gold finder machine prices when produced.

In contrast, 3D imaging gold detector price are very expensive because of the cost of technology and special equipment needed to carry out search and exploration.

Device Features 

With a simple word, the gold detector, which has better features, has the higher price. There are wide ranges of features that have a greater impact on the final gold searching machine price. Here is a brief overview of some of these features.


Quality is an important factor affecting the gold searching machine price. Top quality gold detectors, which offer you great performance and a bunch of top features, will cost more.


This is an indication of how gold detector can reach to find or detect golden objects or gold nuggets. The depth should be one of your foremost considerations when choosing a gold detector. The greater depth, the higher gold detector price.


It is important in the gold detector that there is a feature of metal identification or discrimination, in which the possibility of giving the user a clear idea whether the target discovered is gold or other metal.

This can be done through a certain sound tone issued by the device or ID number that show on the detector screen or by ignoring a particular field of search range as in electromagnetic metal detectors.

On the other hand, it is possible to distinguish visually as in the imaging devices, where it is clearly displayed on the computer screen or on the screen of the device as in the device Invenio the golden object in a special color.


It is also important to consider additional factors such as shipping costs and discounts, which have a huge influence on gold detector prices. Metal detectors are one-off investments, which do not require monthly maintenance, and with the potential great payoff in case you dig out a valuable relic.

People Ask
  • What should I look for when finding the best gold detector price?

    Metal detectors should be lightweight, but of course, you will be carrying yours around, both during the hunt and to and from the hunting area. If you get tired of carrying it, you will end your hunt early. Look for a lightweight metal detector if you think that carrying a heavy detector for a long time may be an issue.

  • What are the best gold detectors?

    With a simple word, the gold detector has better features the higher its price. There are a wide range of features that have a greater impact on the final price of the gold detector. Here is a brief overview of some of these features

  • What is the best gold detector price?

    Some of the best cheap metal detectors for coins, rings, and jewelry detecting are the Simplex detector or Gold klayzer.

  • Is the Minelab detector better than Garrett detector?

    The most notable difference between the Minelab detectors and the Garrett detectors is the multiple frequency, which is available on the Minelab models. If you are an experienced or professional, both the Garrett ATX and Minelab CTX 3030 are the best choice.

  • Why are the gold detector price so high?

    Many factors could make some the gold detector price higher than others. The main factors are the brand, implemented technologies, durability, and the ability to detect valuable metals like gold and platinum even the small ones.

  • What is the sensitivity of the gold detector and how is it set?

    Sensitivity control in metal detectors is the most misused control element on the device. People usually set the sensitivity to its maximum level and this does not always allow for maximum detector operation. Think of sensitivity control as the accelerator pedal in a car. You are not driving everywhere at full speed. The stated speed limits are for normal conditions. However, what about rain, snow, and high winds? Of course, you are reducing your speed. Likewise, you should adjust sensitivity control for different conditions. Heavy earth mineralization, nearby transducers, and nearby radio stations are all reasons to reduce the sensitivity. Although you may experience a slight loss of depth, you may miss more good targets than you think by listening to false signals and high-sensitivity chatter.

  • Why do the experienced metal detectorists use headphones?

    Headphones reduce outside noise (wind, waves, traffic, etc.). Also enhance the audio target signal, which help to determine the targets to dig and which targets to ignore. Overall, the good set of headphones will improve the number of the good targets and reduce the time you spend digging trash. The headphones also reduce distractions and keep you from attracting unwanted attentions.

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