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German gold detectors

German gold detectors are classified as the best in the world without a competitor, and are characterized by high quality, high performance and accuracy in the search results.

Imaging Gold Detectors

A Group of the Best imaging gold detectors in the world, as these devices photograph underground targets and display them in 3D on the device screen

The latest & Best Gold and Metal Detectors In The World

A collection of the best types of gold and metal detectors from the largest German-American factories at the best prices with a 3-year guarantee

Gold Detectors Prices

A list of the best prices for a gold detector from the insurance group of the insurance company and express shipping

Photo Device Depth Manufactorer Price
ks-700 Ground Radar ks-700 Ground Radar 40 ks Analysis $17500 Details
Klayzer Max 2D Klayzer Max 2D 3 meters Klazyer Technology $2300 Details
klazyer Gr Pro klazyer Gr Pro 20 m klayzer technology $5500 Details
INVENIO Pro INVENIO Pro 6 Meters Nokta $6900 Details
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  • Bradley

    Excellent Product, fast delivery. Great purchasing experience! Everything was there, all works fine

  • Robin

    Great company

  • Jaxon

    klazyer max 2d is a great detector

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  • What is a gold detector? And how does it work?
    A gold detector or a metal detector in general is an electronic device that was manufactured to detect all kinds of metals underground, and works with the technology of sending sound waves and frequencies to the ground, and these waves are transmitted to the device when there is a type of metal in the form of sound waves as well. Some types of gold detectors analyze these frequencies and display the name of the type of metal detected on the device screen.
  • What is the best gold detector?
    The Klayzer GR Pro is classified as the best gold detector in the world, the unique device of its kind in the world and works with 5 advanced search systems. and accuracy of results
  • What are the uses of a metal detector?
    A metal detector is an electrical device used in research to determine the presence of metals in certain areas. A metal detector is useful for searching underground metallic objects or metal-containing objects.
  • What are the types of gold detectors?
    There are many types of gold detectors into several main systems, the most important of which are: gold detectors with audio system, gold detectors with imaging system, sensor gold detectors, and therefore the prices of gold detectors vary according to the regulations and several other factors..

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