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Lorenz Z2

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  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Made In: Germany
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Lorenz Z2 Metal Detector - Best Price | European Technology Group

lorenz deepmax z2 has been developed to offer new and improved features such as higher sensitivity, greater depth, easy operation, and more accurate detection results.

It has been developed with professional prospectors. Lorenz z2 can be used for a variety of metal detection related applications such as searching for gold and treasures and detecting metal objects on historical battlefields such as weapons such as swords, armor and more.


Search technology in Lorenz Deepmax Z2

The metal detection technology of the Lorenz z2 is based on a special pulse induction technology called the Pulse GBS (Pulse GBS).

The working principle is that the current generated by the battery that passes in the search discs through the copper coils (coils) emits a short intense magnetic pulse. Those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in the conductive materials such as metal objects for example a gold coin, and the eddy currents will remain in the metal body It will gradually fade after stopping the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil.

That is why it is possible to detect those eddy currents with Lorenz z2 during the delayed receiving period by means of the search coil itself, which now acts as the receiving coil as well.

Rather complex electronic circuits are necessary to detect those small changes in voltage and must separate that particular signal from the interference received as well. The signal must be amplified to power an audio stage using a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), which emits an audio signal via headphones.

The Pulse GBS (Ground Balance System) in Lorenz z2 is particularly suitable for research at great depths. The performance of this electronic device is virtually unaffected by salted water, most types of metal surfaces or temperature changes.

PST (Pulse Shaping Technology) has been added to Lorenz z2 metal detector to improve performance and depth capabilities. Complete power management with effective low electromagnetic interference transducers and low self-discharge batteries make the device more flexible for worldwide operation.

Get Lorenz Z2 Metal Detector from European Technology Group company.

Technical Features
  • Brand Lorenz
  • Depth
  • Guarantee 3 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Lorenz Z2
How To Use

The Correct Way to Use Lorenz Z2 Metal Detector

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:

  • Insert the washers

    Insert the washers on the lower shaft, and then put the lower shaft in its place on the coil. Secure it by tightening the screw and nut.

  • Connect the middle column

    Join the middle rod with the upper and lower rods by opening the lever latches and put the pieces together. Adjust the length of the device then press the latches to secure.

  • Adjust Length

    Adjust the length of the device and then depress the latches to secure it.

  • Winding the search coil cable

    Wind the coil cable on the shaft without stretching it. Then, plug the connector to the search coil input socket on the system box and secure it by tightening the nut.

  • Screen İnstallation

    Then install the screen and battery.

Search disk 26 cm
Double D search disk DD length 26 cm
26 cm differential search coil
35 cm Double D search disk
Search disk 44 cm
Universal disc or coil 4m long cable
meter universal cable or disc
0.67m x 0.67m (3 turns) universal cable coil 8m length
1m x 1m (2 rolls) 8m universal cable coil
2m x 2m (1 roll) 8m universal cable coil
Compensated coil 1m x 2m (two separate coils) 8m universal cable coil
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  • Does Lorenz z2 work inside a house?

    Lorenz z2 is bound by no restrictions. It can operate in almost any type of environment that can you imagine. All targets thought to be located within walls, floors or behind the hearth can be detected with Lorenz z2.

  • What metals will Lorenz z2 pick up?

    Lorenz z2 detects iron, nickel, copper, brass, aluminum, tin, lead, gold, silver and bronze. In addition the Lorenz z2 can find buried metal objects such as jewelry, coins and other metal objects. You can with the "Discrimination" distinguishing between different metal targets or alloys.

  • Can you find gold without a metal detector?

    No, and the answer is from a great prospectors, who finds having a metal detector in their repertoire is a quite useful thing. However, the detector allows the prospector to find the gold and dig it up without digging a lot of unnecessary holes.

  • What can Lorenz z2 not detect?

    The steel has low magnetic permeability, which means that it can not produce a signal enough to be identified. Other items that a metal detector can not locate are the, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, bones and paper.

Lorenz Z2
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