klazyer Gr Pro

Made In Germany
Manufactorer klayzer technology
Search lrl + vlf
Depth 20 m
Guarantee 3 years
Uses of the Klayzer gr pro

Our device is unique of its kind and uses five different systems to find gold, metals, and different treasures from the earth’s soil. The device works in all kinds of terrain even through basalt and metallic rocks.

Currency Detection

Currency Detection

The device works professionally in discovering coins in all types of terrain and reaches great depths underground with the feature of distinguishing and determining their depths

Gold Detection

Gold Detection

The device has a high ability to detect gold and treasures to great depths with the advantage of distinguishing between metals and spaces

Spaces Detecting

Spaces Detecting

The Klayzer gr pro can detect voids and caves in the ground with both sound and sensor systems with high accuracy

Raw Gold Detecting

Raw Gold Detecting

The Gold Detector Klayzer GR Pro is the best in the world to discover raw gold and small pieces with ease of use and accuracy in the results


Why should you choose the Klayzer GR Pro Gold Detector?

Two-Person System

This system provides the user with the opportunity to work with minimal margin of error due to high winds in the ground and inexperience of the user.

HD Performance

The device works in the most efficient way, with a high technical level and high frequency waves capable of penetrating the ground

One Person System

This system is characterized by high accuracy in monitoring the location of the target from a distance and scanning large areas

Distinguish Between Metals

The Klayzer GR Pro has a high ability to distinguish different metals in difficult conditions and with many systems

Iron Exclusion Feature

The Klayzer GR Pro provides the ability to exclude iron and iron containing minerals.

Depth Detection

The Klayzer GR Pro has a high ability to detect gold to great depths in difficult areas

Amateur gold seekers tend to choose devices that are known to them through the experience of previous prospectors, and they are usually associated with a specific device or from a specific brand of a company, and they are not even interested in learning about new products, devices and modern technology in the market, so even advice from an old prospector and user from It may not give you all the information you need to make the right choice of device for you and your needs.

But if you are looking for a device that combines expert opinions and modern technology, you should buy Klayzer Gr Pro. The device uses high-frequency wave technologies that can work to a depth of 20 meters and a detection technology for 2 kilometers.

The device has a 2D display and different tons of other features.

Klayzer Gr Pro uses 5 detection systems :

  1. Scanning system for single person.
  2. Field scanning system for double person.
  3. Deep scan for spaces and metals systems.
  4. Superficial system.
  5. Pinpointer system.

1. Scanning system for single person for Klayzer Gr Pro

This system is great to locate targets and determine their position remotely. It can scan wide spaces in short times while decreasing the search area as possible. It also has ionic separation ability for metals. This system uses cutting-edge technologies and high-frequency waves that pass through the soil layers to long depth and detection technology for 2 kilometres. Klayzer Gr Pro system can be used by one person who is using the search handle. This system in Klayzer Gr Pro is more effective than other systems and used in wide areas.

The device has the following detection programs:

  • Gold: 5.2 Khz.
  • Silver: 8.7 Khz.
  • Bronze: 11 Khz.
  • Copper: 11.9 Khz. Iron: 16 Khz.
  • Spaces: 700 Hz.

The Klayzer Gr Pro secret space:

Klayzer Gr Pro have space where you can put a small part of the metal you are searching for. This feature supports the detection a lot. Klayzer Gr Pro offers accuracy using a mix between frequencies and search

2. Field scanning system for two persons for Klayzer Gr Pro

Klayzer Gr Pro allows you to use the device in harsh weather and tough environments. By this system, the user operates with the least errors possible due to winds or the user's lack of experience. Field scanning system for double person is designed to be used by two opposing users at the same time.

One of the users can hold the handles with ports at its end to connect it to the Klayzer Gr Pro. The other two handles did not have ports and are held by the other user opposite to another one, and the ends of the rods are connected. 

3. Deep scan for spaces and metals systems.

Deep scan for spaces and metals systems is used with easy results, in a depth of 3 meters under the ground. This systems in the device can identify valuable metals from the cheap ones and spaces with great accuracy in location and depth.

How does Klayzer Gr Pro work ?

The search operation starts by raising the search disc for two cm in the ground and moving it  for right and left parallel to the earth’s surface.

When the Klayzer Gr Pro finds a signal for metal, the device displays the type of metal found. The user can detect the depth of the object in centimeters now.

To prevent losing the small and deep goals you need to move the disk from right to left and left to right over the search.

4. Superficial system in Klayzer Gr Pro

Superficial system in Klayzer Gr Pro is perfect to search for gold that are not deeper than one meter.

This system in the device is calibrated with the ground  automatically, In this way, the gold seekers find gold with high efficiency in terrains time.

Klayzer Gr Pro offers the results on 2D screen with the ability to discriminate between different types of targets.

The search discs specified for this system work underwater in a short depth. This device makes you easily detect gold in the rivers and beaches.

This allows you to work in water and soil easily and to work with all environments without problems.

It allows you to find  perfect performance and to determine the depth in centimeters.

5. Pinpointer system in Klayzer Gr Pro

Pinpointer system in Klayzer Gr Pro steps ahead all of its competitors in its class in terms of depth and easy handling of the device. This system in the device helps the user to detect all metals with high sensitivity. The search disc specified in this system work underwater for more than one meter.

Klayzer Gr Pro features:

  • Klayzer Gr Pro is a automatic 2D video detector which use different systems for detection giving you audio and visual info.
  • Works in different terrains and the difficult weather conditions without being affected by all types of dust.
  • Klayzer Gr Pro can work with the highest efficiency and accuracy in the metallic soils using a detection system.
  • Automatic calibration and soil settings.
  • You can search for different metals you want in the search mode.
  • Klayzer Gr Pro differentiates between gold in great way.
  • Klayzer Gr Pro works in six different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic) In Klayzer Gr Pro you have the opportunity to choose the space mode and discover all things under the ground.
  • Contains 3 search discs that give you the ability to reach different depths.
  • You can also use Klayzer Gr Pro discs underwater.
  • Klayzer Gr Pro measures depths accurately in centimeters.
  • Klayzer Gr Pro contains LED illumination on the screen which makes you work in dark environments.

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klazyer Gr Pro

Uses of the Klayzer gr pro

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:


İnsert Disc Cable

Insert the search coil cable from the hole at the bottom of the lower arm


Insert Small Rings

Insert the small Rings into the recess at the bottom of the lower arm.


Insert Lower Arm

Insert the lower arm so that all the holes are parallel to each other.


Insert Screw Disc

Insert the disc screw and install the nut on its end and tighten it tightly.


Insert Middle Arm

Insert the middle arm into the lower arm and tighten them together.


Insert Screen Arm

Insert the monitor arm into the middle arm.


Winding the search coil cable

Helical the disc cable and attach it to the cable port coming out of the main console.


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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Klayzer gr pro gold detector

  • Why the Klayzer GR Pro?

    Because the device is considered one of the best gold detectors in the world and works in the most difficult conditions and terrain with high accuracy with the advantage of distinguishing between metals and determining the depth of the detected target.

  • Can the device Klayzer GR Pro detect Gaps?

    Yes, the device can detect spaces with high accuracy in the audio system, and in the sensor system, the search mode can be selected through the search modes.

  • How many systems does the Klayzer GR Pro have?

    The device contains five systems for detecting gold, minerals and gaps.

  • How are metals distinguished by the device?

    The device can determine the type of the detected target, either gold or precious metals (copper, silver, bronze, ...), or non-precious metals (iron), and it also detects gaps.


Device Accessories

The Klayzer GR Pro device includes many additional accessories that are used in the process of searching and accurate detection, including:

Main Unit (screen)
Telescopic Handles
Search Antennas
Coil G1 44 x 44 cm
Coil G2 30x 30cm
Coil G3 18x 18cm
Main Charger
Car Charger
Device Bag
User's Manual
3 Years Warranty Card
Brass Steering Handles
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