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  • Depth: 40 Meters
  • Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Made In: Germany
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Gold Detector
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Metal Detector
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Suitable for professionals
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Product Details
In the latest releases of Geoground, the gold and metal detector “Gold Vision” comes to the fore. With modern and advanced technologies and many easy-to-use features, for the detection and exploration of minerals and buried treasures of all kinds.

Gold Vision

In order to reach the maximum possible depth, search for the most valuable and mysterious treasures in the ground, and to discover new adventures and stories every time we set out as researchers and explorers; the company developed existing technologies and added many new features, the most important of which was the new search system “3D Ground Scanning System”, which in turn uses advanced 3D scanning and detection technology to create a detailed map of the Earth’s composition and the place where we are searching with the “Gold Vision” device.

Gold Vision applications & uses

  • Metal detection of all types and metals such as silver, copper, platinum and iron
  • Detect gold and buried objects made of gold such as gold coins and ornamental jewelry such as bracelets, rings and earrings.
  • Uncover ancient relics such as bronze figurines - swords or steel daggers - silver or gold utensils and cups ... Etc.
  • Beaches: Lost lost jewelry (rings - bracelets - watches) or other valuables on beaches. Constructions: construction facilities in general construction facilities Tunnels and Caves: Can be an obvious location to locate areas that contain floor spaces.


Gold vision search systems 

6 search systems work according to multiple detection techniques. The Gold Vision metal detector is a multi-system device that provides an advanced metal detector that combines multiple detection technologies to provide a more comprehensive and accurate search to discover targets buried underground, know their exact location, and estimate the depth at which they are located.

The search systems in the Gold Vision device include six integrated systems, namely:

3D ground scanning system

The “3D” ground scanning system is a new and distinctive addition to the Gold Vision device. This system works with the built-in ground scanning technology through the smart sensor that is used to measure changes in magnetic fields resulting from metallic targets or underground voids.

The signals received by the device are enhanced by a “signal enhancement dish” that is installed on the front of the device. The survey data is then transmitted via Bluetooth technology to be modeled and represented in a 3D graphic, and the search results are displayed in the device’s exclusive application that can be installed on any smartphone or tablet that supports the Android system. Geoground has developed and programmed this application, which provides the user with multiple visual tools to analyze the 3D drawing and visually determine the type, shape, size, and depth of any potential targets within the ground survey area.

Long-range scanning system in Gold Vision

The long-range scanning system in the Gold Vision device was developed with new and unique technology to ensure the detection of deep metal objects and buried treasures from long and large distances.

Search options are customized for this system, such as choosing the type of soil to search in, the type of target to be detected, the survey field, and more options. Where the device works on programming the search process based on the options that were previously allocated in the system settings, in order to obtain more accurate and valid results during the search process.

Free mode system

The free mode system in the Gold Vision device is similar to the principle of operation and technology found in the long-range scanning system, except that in this system we can specify an accurate value for the required search frequencies, to match a specific type of metal that we want to search for, in order to obtain more accuracy during Search for specific minerals or specific targets.

In this system, the user, in addition to adjusting the system settings as in a long-range system (except for specifying the target type), determines the value of the required search frequency, according to the user's choice and the type of metal specified by the user.

Smart depth system in Gold Vision

The smart depth system in the Gold Vision device is a unique system, through which the depth of targets buried underground can be calculated with great accuracy, using a specific method that includes the user’s movement starting from the “approximate target location” and in two different directions and waiting for the antennas to move The device is more than 70 degrees each time, then the device will estimate the potential target depth value based on that.

Note: The “approximate target location” is determined using the squaring method, which involves drawing a small square with the target within its center, by doing an initial search through the four-way long-range scanning system and setting an imaginary line each time to form that square. To access more details about the search process in this system, please read the user guide.

The ionic system

The ionic search system has been developed according to a completely new technology, which is the first of its kind in metal detectors and represents a great improvement over the traditional system that existed before. The new technology allows for more accurate detection of ionic fields resulting from metallic targets buried underground, ensuring accurate signal reception and processing in the device.

Ionic fields emanating from potential targets are searched through the smart sensor, which is a search probe specially developed with new technology for accurate searching, and it is installed in a special port on the front side of the main unit of the device.

The sensor at the top includes LEDs whose light changes color according to the nature of the detected target.

When selecting the ionic system in the device, the device will show us on the search screen two progress bars, the first at the top reflects the signal strength coming from a metallic target such as gold or iron, and the second bar at the bottom shows us the signal strength resulting from an underground void such as a tunnel, grave or some gap.

Bionic system

The bionic system works in a similar way to the ionic system, but with the difference that here ionic signals are captured from a specific metal object, for example from a gold coin, then the search is directed towards capturing ionic signals similar to metal objects buried underground within the surrounding area.

This means that in the ionic search system, the search is random and free, but in the bionic system the search is directed according to a specific target type based on predefined signals.

The type of metal to be searched for is determined in the surrounding area by directing the smart sensor toward a sample of the metal to be searched for, for example, a silver coin or a piece of gold.

The search screen, in the case of searching via the Bionic system, displays a circular indicator changing in green, and when the target signal is captured, the indicator turns red with an accompanying audible tone via the device's built-in speaker.

Easy to use multilingual software

The Gold Vision device software is designed with an attractive graphical user interface with a modern design and a consistent color scheme based on a single menu system with different tabs for settings and icons that express each option and setting, making it easier for the user to choose various options for different search systems in a smooth visual way. The device interface also includes options for customizing a range of general settings that include:

Time and date – Device screen settings such as brightness – Device sound settings such as key sound and scanning sound – Changing the programming language – Displaying general information such as the serial numbers and others. 


Gold vision Languages

To reach the largest segment of prospectors around the world, Geoground has provided the user interface of the Gold Vision device with the option to change the language of the program to one of a group of languages among the most important languages in the world, namely: English - German - Spanish - French - Russian - Italian - Arabic - Persian.


Golde Vision Specifications

CPU ( Processor) Type ARM
Clock Frequency 72 MHz
Memory Type SD
Capacity 2 GB
Screen Type TFT LCD HMI
Size 3.5 INCH
Resolution 480 X 320
Colors 64 K 65536
Backlight LED
Sound Output Speaker + Headset
Jack Type 3.5 mm
Internal Speaker 3W
Charger Input 100 – 220 V 50 / 60 Hz
Output 5V – 2.5 A
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Input 5V – 2.5 A
Capacity 9600 mA
Removable Battery no
Other Flash LED 5mm
Laser 650nm /5mw
Vibration Yes
Temperature Operation Temperature 0 – 40 C
Package Dimension 400 mm X 300 mm X 160 mm
Weight 3200 g

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Technical Features
  • Brand Geo Ground
  • Depth 40 Meters
  • Guarantee 5 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Gold Vision
How To Use

Gold Vision applications

  • Metal detection of all types and metals such as silver, copper, platinum and iron.

  • Detect gold and buried objects made of gold such as gold coins and ornamental jewelry such as bracelets, rings and earrings.

  • Uncover ancient relics such as bronze figurines - swords or steel daggers - silver or gold utensils and cups ... Etc.

The main electronic unit.
Smart Sensor (Smart Sensor).
Signal booster dish.
Detachable handle unit.
RF antennas.
Device charger.
Warranty Card.
Device Bag.
User Manual
User Manual
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  • Does Gold Vision have a good battery?

    The device works using durable lithium-ion batteries. It can be easily charged and provides hours of continuous operation time.

  • Is the Gold Vision detector lightweight?

    It is very lightweight and can be carried easily.

  • Can the Gold Vision find gold?

    The Gold Vision offers a very stable effect on the beach. The Multi-IQ can even filter out the salt minerals completely! Nothing remains undiscovered and no terrain is taboo. Silver, gold, or jewelry.

  • What is discrimination?

    It's the ability of a metal detector to eliminate or "ignore" certain types of metal. For example, you may want the detector to ignore all iron targets in an area full of junk. Or you may want to set your detector to only find silver to go after valuable old SA coins. So your detector can ignore unwanted items like bottle caps and also tell you what kind of metal is under the coil.

  • What is earth mineralization?

    Earth's minerals can wreak havoc on some metal detectors under certain conditions.

  • What does frequency have to do with metal detectors?

    The frequency of metal detectors plays a major role in technology. Learn all about this key consideration when making a purchase.

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