Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector?

Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector? That is the question that the new and beginner prospectors ask when he start in metal detecting.

Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector?

Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector? That is the question that the new and beginner prospectors ask when he start in metal detecting.

The answer is simple and easy and we will explain options to buy metal detectors and multiple sources of purchase.

Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector?

Visit a company specialized in selling metal detectors

It is the best option from our point of view where you can preview

the available devices and examine their capabilities and even

experience within the headquarters of these companies, which may provide you with a detailed explanation and practical

experience of the device within its exhibitions.

Thus, you can buy the right device for you in terms of price

and features and you can receive the device directly and pay

for it without the complications of buying online and thus guarantee your right.

Buy online


In this case metal detectors can be purchased through one of two options:

1 - Through the website of the companies that distribute these devices,

which may be an agent of one or more manufacturers and most of these

companies are communicating with the sales department via phone

or e-mail and request the device to be purchased and agree on a

method of payment either via bank transfer or through credit cards or other means .

Some of these companies offer the option of direct purchase

from the site and in both cases the company itself ship the

device to the customer immediately after confirming the payment process.

Shipped through international shipping companies that can

connect the buyer to your home address or the nearest authorized center

2 - By buying directly from online shopping sites such as klayzer Technology, eBay, Alibaba, etc. In this case you can browse available devices and know the prices directly and can pay directly on the site via credit cards such as Visa Card, MasterCard or via PayPal. then shopping company is responsible for delivery to your country.

Get best device from European Technology Group


Knowing that the purchase of gold and metal detectors is illegal in many countries in the world, so some of the options that will be mentioned later are not suitable for you and must search for another solution.

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