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treasure detector
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treasure detector


Treasure detector is any metal detector that can detect all kinds

of underground metal objects whether precious metals such as gold

, silver, copper or non-precious metals such as iron, aluminum and others.

The best quality treasure detector is a three-dimensional imaging device

that scans the earth spatially through a special search sensor and can display

the results of the survey in the form of a three-dimensional space within a

computer or tablet so that gives the prospector a full idea of ​​the nature of the

buried treasure and the depth and size.

Nevertheless, treasures of great value can be discovered by relatively inexpensive

devices operating on a disk-based electromagnetic search system where treasures

buried at small depths of less than three meters can be found, such as gold coins,

gold jewelry or small metal objects.


What do we mean by treasure?

A treasure is anything made from precious metals,  gold detector,

which has a great archaeological, historical or cultural value

and even a substantial material value if sold by antiquities dealers.

For example:

  • Boxes made of gold with ancient coins
  • Jars containing gold coins or coins may be from previous civilizations
  • Swords made of gold, bronze or some alloy
  • Gold and jewelery such as bracelets, rings or hoops used to decorate women
  • Ancient weapons such as daggers, armor and others were used in the war


Best Treasure Detector Examples

klayzer Gr Pro

klayzer Gr pro is the one and the only device in the world,

which combines five different search systems for metal and gold

detection in one device, and it has also all the needed features

for any treasures hunting.

Anyone can easily use The klayzer Gr pro device as one of the

built-in systems by plugging right components and sensors for every system,

and the user can get more than one system in order to

make more accurate and reliable results.


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