Professional Gold Detectors - best price with fast shipping
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Professional Gold Detectors
Professional Gold Detectors

Professional gold detectors are the metal detectors designed for professional use by professional prospectors and treasure hunters. These devices provide prospectors and treasure hunters the easiest way to discover and find ancient coins, buried gold treasures, very ancient artifacts and so on.

Professional gold detectors are the devices that combine excellent performance with reliable results based on experience and practical experience and preferably from well-known companies or brands.

Professional Gold Detectors | European Technology Group

Professional Gold Detectors. Best price with free shipping to all over the world From European Technology Group.

Professional Gold Detectors

Professional Gold Detectors

The Best Professional Gold Detectors can completely revolutionize the experience for any treasure hunter, geologist, or enthusiast. These top-class devices utilize advanced technologies, including ground balance control, depth indicators, integrated GPS, and target ID systems, facilitating an efficient search for shimmering treasures buried deep under the surface.

Typically, the best models offer high-frequency full-disclosure metal detection capabilities, designed to easily locate and identify gold nuggets even in highly mineralized soil conditions. With ergonomic design and robust construction, these detectors endure rugged field conditions while ensuring user comfort. By offering high sensitivity, precise gold detection, and the ability to filter out other metallic 'noise,' these professional-grade gold detectors are the preferred choice for individuals seeking accuracy, efficiency, and superior performance.

Klazyer GR Pro

klazyer gr pro gold detector is a professional long range gold detector made in Germany by famous company klazyer technology.

However it comes with unique longerange technology, which offers the best results for professional prospectors gold searchers and treasures hunters.

klazyer gr pro is based on a special measuring probe by its three-dimensional imaging technology, which can measure the magnetic fields produced by the underground buried objects at a particular point, then takes multiple measurements of points distributed within a rectangular area.

Nokta Invenio

Nokta Invenio Pro a latest professional device which has a special technology, which is a 3D imaging metal detector for searching gold, metals, and artifacts, and that is one of the best metal detecting technologies in the recent years.

That new 3D imaging technology internationally because of its features of showing the precise shape of the underground metal objects.

Invenio Gold Detector is a multi-purpose metal detector because you can use it to search for various types of metals, targets, and underground objects, For example:

  • Discovering the gold treasures, which had been buried from hundreds of years ago, such as old gold coins and ornaments for women like rings and bracelets.
  • Space detection such as cavities, which include graves, historical plains, tunnels.
  • Detection of natural gold nuggets and gold veins also in the ground.

Klayzer max 2D

klayzer max 2D is considered a most powerful and professional metal detector thanks to its wide range of metal detecting and with most complete features set.

klayzer max 2D use a unique Germany technology from klayzer technology in the field of Electromagnetic System search system the first Electromagnetic system in the world with best results.

However it is easy to use , thanks to its graphical user interface so it is easy to adjust settings and select search modes and other options.

Professional Gold Detectors

Professional Gold Detectors price

Devices Prices
Klayzer gr pro 5500 $
Klayzer max 2d 2100 $
Impact pro 1175 $
The Best Gold Detectors In The World

European Technology Group is the first company in the world specialized in gold detectors and metal detectors. The company is located in Germany, the world's most powerful industrial country with high-quality industries.
Best prices, fast shipping services to all over the world, and online after-sales training service by a team of specialized engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions and inquiries about Professional Gold Detectors

Are professional gold detectors effective in mineralized soils?

Yes, professional gold detectors typically feature ground balance control to filter out metallic 'noise' allowing them to be effective in mineralized soils.

How do professional gold detectors differentiate between gold and other metals?

These devices use target ID systems, which assign a numerical value or range to different types of metals based on their electrical conductivity. This way, they can discriminate between gold and other metals.

What are the key features of a professional gold detector?

Professional gold detectors often include features like robust ground balance control, integrated GPS, target ID systems, depth indicators, and high-frequency full-disclosure metal detection capabilities designed specifically to detect gold even in highly mineralized soils.

How deep can a professional gold detector identify items?

The depth at which a gold detector can identify items varies by model and technology. However, high-quality professional detectors can generally detect small gold nuggets at depths of up to 8-10 inches and larger objects at greater depths.

What kind of terrains can professional gold detectors be used on?

Professional gold detectors are designed to be versatile and can be used on various terrains including sandy beaches, rocky soil, mineral-rich ground, and even underwater, depending on the model.


There are many professional gold detectors with many functions and capabilities from different companies and brands like , Minelab and klayzer technology.

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