Nokta Invenio - Best Price & 2 years Garranty
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Nokta Invenio - Best Price & 2 years Garranty

That 3D imaging technique has been patented internationally because of its features of showing the precise shape of the underground metal objects. Nokta makro invenio uses a traditional search coil with electronic components, unlike most of the other imaging devices.



invenio metal detector


The coil does a ground scan correctly and then receives signals from buried targets, so it will track its motion and will record the location information, plus it will coordinate via the IPTU sensor on the arm attached to the coil.

Nokta invenio imaging technology allows you to see the true shape of the underground metal object, its particular position, and the type of the metal too, whether it is precious or not.

You can easily find the depth through the three-dimensional representation, which appears on the screen after scanning.

Nokta invenio is considered as the first metal and gold detector that has an intelligent imaging system and offers great potential for treasure hunters and prospectors.

You can use it too for many practical applications, including the detection of treasures, precious metals, and archaeological treasures of ancient civilizations.


Nokta Invenio Features

Search Technology

You will notice that the search coil will generate an electric field (electric magnetic) with high capacity to achieve greater depth when the current of the electric current coming from the battery of the device.

When this field clash with a metal object, such as a coin or a large metal statue or a gold box, then the signals bounce will be inverted in the form of an electro-magnetic field by special coils within the coil.

This information is digitally processed within the main unit of the search coil unit and will wireless transmit the data to the display unit where the data is processed and presented as a three-dimensional graphical diagram.




That shows detailed information about the targets in the scanned area, so that the object position and drawing the actual shape depends on the data coming from the integrated position tracking unit( IPTU ), which transmits data wirelessly also to the screen unit.

Integrated Position Tracking Unit (IPTU)

The integrated position-tracking unit with its compact sensors help calculates accurately the different search coil movements (the left and right motions as well as movement forward and backward), as well as determine its position within the search area and the height from the ground.

The prospector can determine the start and end points of the search area scanned by the coil unit.

It can also find the hidden target locations detected into them. You can determine the length and width of the scanned area by that unit as well as the exact shape of the targets and the depth of possible targets too.


Nokta Invenio Applications

Invenio Gold Detector is a multi-purpose metal detector because you can use it to search for various types of metals, targets, and underground objects, For example:

  • Discovering the gold treasures, which had been buried from hundreds of years ago, such as old gold coins and ornaments for women like rings and bracelets.
  • Searching in voids, caves underground, and cavities, which include graves, historical plains, tunnels, and canals.
  • Detection of natural gold nuggets and gold veins in the ground
  • Discovering of pipes and extensions, such as power lines and underground telephone by municipalities
  • Detecting of weapons and crimes by the police at the crime scene
  • Discovering ancient monuments by archaeologists and prospectors for treasures.


Search Modes

Invenio Metal Detector has a variety of different search modes that are suitable for specific search applications.

The search modes in the device are divided into two main categories:

1- Static Search Modes

That search mode does not require any movement of the search coil in order to obtain results at all because the device will make a sound even when the coil is above a certain object and without the need for the motion of coil.

In this case, the intensity of the sound will be close to the coil more than the close between the target and the surface of the ground.

It is recommended to use static search modes to detect metal targets of relatively large size and at more depth in comparison to dynamic search modes.

Static modes have three modes:

  1. Basic search mode
  2. Expert search mode
  3. Ground Anomaly & Cavity

2 Dynamic Search Modes

Dynamic search modes require coil movement for performing scanning.

The user must move the search coil to the right, left, right, and backward movement in order to scan correctly.

You have to know that if the disc is not moved, the device will not produce any sound response even if the coil is directly above the metal target.

Dynamic search modes are recommended for discovering small-sized targets, like coins and small ornaments, such as rings and others, at smaller depths

Invenio has three dynamic search modes:

  1. All Metal Mode
  2. ast mode
  3. Deep search mode

Metal Discrimination

Invenio metal detector can discern the features between different metals, by their representation on the screen.

After scanning by search coil, you will see that the ground scan data presented as three-dimensional, multi-colored drawing representing the composition of the soil in the scan area.

You can easily detect the type of metal by the color of it that shows in the drawing.

For example, when the object color is yellow or yellowish, the metal is usually gold or precious metal in general, but if you find that the color is red, so it is a magnetic metal, such as iron.

Great Depth

The large search coil provides wider coverage and accurate scanning of the search area.

It can also access the depth of search larger than the competing metal detectors, where the depth of 5 meters can be reached underground, especially if the object or the buried metal object has a large size and older age too.

In this situation, it is more likely to be detected even at greater depth. By using the Invenio gold detector, you can discover the deepest golden treasures and artifacts like no other device can detect.


The vibration feature will work if it activated in the program, and it will provide an alert to the user when a metal target is detected without needing to hear the sound.

Therefore, you will enjoy a great response speed to capture the targets with higher accuracy.

This feature is also good for users with hearing problems.

It can also be a helpful alternative to sound if you are searching in areas with large mineralization, which may give noisy sounds.

Wireless Data Transmission

All the data, which were collected by the search coil and the integrated tracking unit, will transfer to the control box (the unit that has the screen) wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

That gives the user convenience and freedom when he searching in the fields.

The device is also prepared with Wi-Fi wireless headphones, which will make it easy for you to hear the sound of buried target signals.

Save Scan Data

After scanning for a specific area, the user can save all three-dimensional graphs including the scanning area and the screenshots resulting in files and they will be stored within the main unit of the device or they can be transferred to another computer.

Easy Program

The Invenio device is famous of the simplified graphical interface that makes it easier for the user to choose different options, such as selecting the search modes and adjusting their settings.

You can control the program by the buttons in the main control panel of the device.

When there is an updated version available, then the user can update the device software through the manufacturer’s website, where you can download and install the update on your device.

That can happen only via the USB cable attached to the device and downloaded updates on the device as explained on the company’s website.

Get Nokta Invenio with Best Price & 2 years Garranty

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Technical Features
  • Brand Nokta Makro
  • Depth 5
  • Guarantee 3 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Nokta Invenio
How To Use

The Correct Way to Use Nokta makro invenio

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:

System Box
The spear and the handle
IPTU Sensor
Search coil 40 x 35 cm (INV40) and cover
Search coil 56 x 40 cm (INV56)
28 x 18 cm search coil (INV28) and cover
KOSS headphones (6.3 mm jack)
System box to carry the bag
Battery 9500mAh
AC charger
car charger
USB cable
Protective covers
Screen Shade
Bag (IP67)
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  • What is the best gold detector?

    There are many successful gold detectors that have proven their efficiency in performance and detection of many valuable targets, but we will highlight the latest of them, which is the nokta makro invenio.

  • How to check the authenticity of gold detectors?

    We are agents of major manufacturers of metal detectors and exploration devices. All our devices are well-known and internationally approved brands. Most of them are German-made and some are American. The brand logo is printed on the device, and it is provided with a serial number. You can verify it by the factory by emailing them and inquiring about the device’s serial number.

  • What is the best search system for metal detectors?

    The best device system is determined according to the type and extent of the target, meaning if you are looking for archaeological treasures that are confined to a specific place that you know well, we will recommend the photographic system to you because it is the most accurate and scan large front distances.

  • What is the frequency of gold?

    5-15kHz is considered the average frequency of buried gold, and it is the measure that is provided in gold detectors to discover the smallest gold nuggets, and knowing these frequencies helps in mastering the method of detecting buried gold.


Nokta Invenio
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