Nokta Impact

Nokta Impact is a multipurpose metal detector with multi-frequncy technology best to find gold treasures, ancient coins and relics

Made In turkey
Manufactorer Nokta Makro
Search VLF
Depth 1.5 meters
Guarantee 2 years
Nokta Impact
Uses of the Impact Gold Detector

With multiple search modes, multiple search frequency technology, and the other features of the Impact device, you will see that this device is suitable for a wide range of practical uses

Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins

Searching for ancient coins that are made of gold, silver or bronze.

Small Pieces

Small Pieces

Detecting for small pieces of objects such as keys, pieces of metal utensils, old weapons … etc.

Buried Gold

Buried Gold

Prospecting buried gold, which is in the form of gold jewelry such as rings, bracelets, hoops, and others.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Searching for ferrous metals, scrap metals, and underground pipes and various metal wastes in parks, beaches.


Multi-Frequency Technology

In Impact device, any prospectors and searchers can select one of the three frequencies that are already in the device (5 – 14 – 20 kHz)

Nokta impact Search Modes

Impact metal detector has 12 preset modes for searching. Each search mode includes different setting and value that matches with the objective and practical application.

Ground Balance Settings

With Impact gold detector you can use the Ground balance settings according to three different ways: Manual, Automatic and Ground Tracking.

Sound Discrimination Features

That device audio discrimination features make it easy for the user to recognize different targets according to their audio tone.

Easy Program

The Impact device's software program is very easy and so simple, it depends on one single menu design.

Search Technology of the device

The device uses a special search coil that contains a pair of coils, which sends electromagnetic signals to the ground and collides with a buried metal object, like a gold coin.

Nokta Impact Metal detector designed by the Turkish company Nokta, which is famous for its high-quality practical devices and cheap prices.

This device is used for searching and detecting for gold and ancient coins and small relics and some of the metals underground.

The Nokta Impact Metal detector is considered as the first multi-frequency device, which makes the user be able to use one of three different frequencies, and it has 12 custom search modes.

You can search for various large and small targets by this device. This device is not as any other devices because it comes in a specific frequency of search, which suitable for limited applications and different conditions.

You can use the device for various metal and gold detectors in different natural terrain. You will find that Impact device has multi-purpose, and it is a reliable device, which every treasure hunter and gold prospector wants.

This device is so lightweight and it is easy for you to install and use it. The device is also suitable for any new prospectors, hobbyists and even professionals.

Nokta Impact Metal Detector Features

Search Technology of the device

Impact metal detector uses a very low frequency VLF technology that has been used in traditional metal detectors. The Impact device will receive the digital signal to its main control unit and it will display as a number on the screen.

The number is a digital identifier of metal and called Digital Target ID and you can turn the digital signal to an audio tone, which will be issued by the built-in speaker or can be heard by headphones too.

You will notice that the tone of sound varies according to the target’s metal in some search modes.

Multi-Frequency Technology

Impact is the first metal detector device that has a multiple different search frequency, and that option is not available in many traditional metal detectors, which were created and programmed in the past for searching at one specific frequency by a special number in kHz, and they are designed for a specific purpose such as discovering small coins or small gold nuggets… etc.

in impact device you can switch them by touching one of the control buttons that are in the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

This feature is suitable for many metal search applications because it makes the device practical and varied.

Ground Balance Settings

You can use the Ground balance settings according to three different ways:

  1. Manual: the user calibrates the ground balance value manually.
  2. Automatic: the device will perform ground balance automatically without any entrance of the user and you will notice that it changes according to the current conditions of the ground.
  3. Ground Tracking: on that Setting, the ground balance is carried out by the device automatically, but with continuous follow-up changes in the ground under the search coil where the balance corresponds to  the type of land, such as rocks, stones, or clay.

iMask Feature

With the iMask feature, the user can cancel or filter out a specific range of numeric values for the target ID. For example, you can select a particular range, which is linked to gold and precious metals while hiding the area of non-precious metal values.

You can filter the objects by masking the sound tone on target detection and you will find that the device ignores this target.

iSat Feature

The feature of iSAT can eliminate the faulty signals, which usually produced by searching in large mineralization areas and hot rock areas too.

Audio Discrimination Features 

Tone Break: it is one of the best features, that enables to set different breakpoints for any target tones on the Target ID scale.

Simply, you will find that each specific range of the target ID produces different tones. For example, there is a special tone for the gold range and another different tone for the iron.

Easy Program with Nokta Impact metal detector

All readings and settings are displayed on the screen at the same time, and the screen is divided into different sections:

  • The search modes section give you the opportunity of choosing the wanted search mode via the control panel buttons.
  • Settings section, which enables setting different settings such as lighting, vibration, ground balance, discrimination, saving, etc.
  • Expert Settings section includes advanced search settings such as editing sound tones, selecting search frequencies.
  • A section in the middle shows the digital ID of the Target ID and indicators that display the nature of the target, for example, a precious metal Non-Fe
  • A section at the top of the screen, which has a scale of 0 – 99 showing the value of the target ID.

Firmware Update

The Impact device has another special feature that makes the users able to can update the software program of the device without having to buy a new device or reviewing the company to upgrade the device.

The update may add additional features such as new search frequencies, new search modes, and so many other settings.

You need to know that all the new updates released after buying the device from the markets, and you will know them on the device’s page on the company’s website or on the instructions for downloading them, which are on the cable supplied with the device.

How can you search with Nokta Impact Metal detector

  • The device will turn on by pressing the power switch, and that will only happen if you complete the previously installation.
  • Use the control panel buttons and select the appropriate ground balancing options for selecting The appropriate search mode.
  • The calibration and the ground budget of the device according to pre-selected numbers.
  • The belt is tied around the hand that passes through the handle of the device and is held by the device from the handle, which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • The search disk must be exactly parallel to the ground and then start searching.
  • You can search by movement of the user by moving the disk right and left with fast and smooth spiral movement, in order to have great results.

Nokta impact Search Modes

You will find that one of the searching modes can be used for searching at a deeper depth and some other search modes are suitable for searching for very small targets, such as precious metals, iron, etc.

The search modes in the Impact device can be detailed as follows:

  1. All metal search mode GEN
  2. All metal with an audio discrimination GEN (D)
  3. Two-tone discrimination mode- DI2
  4. Three-tone discrimination mode -DI3
  5. Four-tone discrimination mode -DI4
  6. Multi-tone discrimination mode -DI99
  7. Conductive ground mode – COG
  8. Deep search mode – DEEP
  9. Coin search mode with noise reduction – VLX1
  10. Relic search mode – VLX2
  11. Static search mode without movement of the coil – STA
  12. Static search mode without movement of the coil with an audio discrimination STA (D).

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Nokta Impact

Uses of the Impact Metal Detector

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:


Put the search COIL cable

Put the search COIL cable into the slot that is under the lower arm


Small Loops

Enter small loops in the lower cavity arm


Disk Slots

You have to make the disk slots are parallel by inserting the lower arm


Put The Screw

Put the screw of the coil well until that passes through all the installed and openings on the end and make sure you tighten tightly.


Remove the searching cable

Remove the searching cable from the other side of the lower arm that passes through the middle arm, then connect them with the cable outlet from the main control unit and, then you have to connect the cables together by touching the ends of the two cables together then you need to tighten the installation ring by rotating it.


Middle Tip Input

The middle end of the arm will be inserted into the cavity in the main unit and the ring, which located under the arm for installation, all of that will happen when you install the anchor between the lower and middle arm.


Break The Fastening

You need to break the fastening and pulling ring until the appropriate length and then tighten the loop again if you want to extend the middle arm.



You can control the belt position on the handle at the top of the upper arm (the part that contains the battery and the power button).


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Common Questions

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The Impact device bag includes many additional accessories that are used in the search and accurate detection process, including:

Main Unit
Charger for batteries and car charger
Rain shields
USB cable
4 Rechargeable Batteries
Search coil IM28 with dimensions (18 * 28 cm)
IM19 search coil (19 x 10 cm)
Device Bag
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Nokta Impact

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