Nokta Makro

Nokta Impact

Price: $1100
  • Depth:
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Made In: Germany
Ancient Coins
Small Pieces
Buried Gold
Metal Detector
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Product Details

Nokta Impact Metal detector designed by the Turkish company Nokta, which is famous for its high-quality practical devices and cheap prices.

This device is used for searching and detecting for gold and ancient coins and small relics and some of the metals underground.

The Nokta Impact Metal detector is considered as the first multi-frequency device, which makes the user be able to use one of three different frequencies, and it has 12 custom search modes.

You can search for various large and small targets by this device. This device is not as any other devices because it comes in a specific frequency of search, which suitable for limited applications and different conditions.

You can use the device for various metal and gold detectors in different natural terrain. You will find that Impact device has multi-purpose, and it is a reliable device, which every treasure hunter and gold prospector wants.

This device is so lightweight and it is easy for you to install and use it. The device is also suitable for any new prospectors, hobbyists and even professionals.

Technical Features
  • Brand Nokta Makro
  • Depth
  • Guarantee 3 Years
  • Made In Germany
How To Use

Uses of the Impact Metal Detector

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:

  • Disk Slots

    You have to make the disk slots are parallel by inserting the lower arm

  • Put The Screw

    Put the screw of the coil well until that passes through all the installed and openings on the end and make sure you tighten tightly.

  • Remove the searching cable

    Remove the searching cable from the other side of the lower arm that passes through the middle arm, then connect them with the cable outlet from the main control unit and, then you have to connect the cables together by touching the ends of the two cables together then you need to tighten the installation ring by rotating it.

  • Middle Tip Input

    The middle end of the arm will be inserted into the cavity in the main unit and the ring, which located under the arm for installation, all of that will happen when you install the anchor between the lower and middle arm.

  • Break The Fastening

    You need to break the fastening and pulling ring until the appropriate length and then tighten the loop again if you want to extend the middle arm.

  • Control

    You can control the belt position on the handle at the top of the upper arm (the part that contains the battery and the power button).

  • Put the search COIL cable

    Put the search COIL cable into the slot that is under the lower arm

  • Small Loops

    Enter small loops in the lower cavity arm

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