ks-700 Ground Radar

Ks 700 metal detector is an ancient name for the latest radar detectors that work with GPR technology, "ground penetrating radar".

Made In Germany
Manufactorer ks Analysis
Search Ground Radar
Depth 40
Guarantee 2 years
ks-700 Ground Radar

Uses of The Ks 700 Metal Detector

We can use ks 700 metal detector in mining, geological and archaeological studies, locating ancestral places, objects, spaces underground. For example, underground basements, tunnels, tombs, und erground walls, bunkers, shelters, etc. Also we can use ks 700 metal detector in the detection of underground depressions, in determining the location of underground water basins, accumulations, objects, metals (ground radar valuable and invaluable (does not distinguish metal), scanning thick walls.

Metal Detection

Metal Detection

Detecting small artifacts made of different types of metal such as silver, gold or bronze

Gap Detecting

Gap Detecting

The ks 700 can detect voids and caves in the ground with both sound and sensor systems

Gold Detecting

Gold Detecting

ks 700 has a high ability to detect gold in a good depth with a custom alert feature

Suitable for Professionals

Suitable for Professionals

ks 700 is suitable and easy to use for professionals and contains a lot of settings to suit different situations



It has a superior ability to transmit frequencies that can reach deep depths of 40 to 60 meters below the surface of the earth.

All Sizes

With Ks 700 metal detector you can access to old basements, rooms and corridors.


Acient Tombs and Burials

Detection of ancient tombs and burials and their dimensions and extensions to a depth of 40 meters.


Multiple Detection Systems

Detection of voids, cavities and cavities under the surface of the earth.

Depth Detection

Determining the depth, shape, type and size of the target very accurately.

Easy To Use

The device is easy to use for all users categories.

ks 700 metal detector is an ancient name for the latest radar detectors that work with GPR technology, "ground penetrating radar". The ground penetrating radar and it is the latest and most accurate in the world of detecting treasures, gold and voids. The ks 700 metal detector used one of the latest imaging devices, in order to facilitate the use of technology.

one of the best gold detectors an contain latest techniques for searching for targets, where it can determine the depth, shape, type of target and determine the target size with great accuracy through the latest engineering and spasmodic programs such as the Voxler and Stone Age programs.

ks 700 Metal Detector Antenna

Ground radar has 1 antenna with transmitter and receiver features integrated with its unit. There is no need to change the antennas of the ground radar to search at different depths; because it is based on a different physical principle.

With the settings in the software, it is possible to search for a specific object with ks 700 metal detector.

The antenna is shielded from all sides, signals are ground-directed only. The weight of  ks 700 metal detector is 5.1 kg (without battery).

Ground radar has versatile adjustment possibilities to facilitate special searches. Ground radar has been tested and used by experts (Mining Operations Official Offices, Geophysicists).

 ks 700 metal detector can be used completely by 1 person.

Operation Possibility to work continuously for 8 hours in the field with a 12 V 18 Ah lead-acid battery. Evaluation can also be done on site with a laptop. Ground radar basically detects everything, metal, space etc. shows.

Two-dimensional (2D) software is included with the accessory of ks 700 metal detector. It can be transferred to the three-dimensional (3D) display, which is not included in the accessory, for example; To Golden Surfer's "Voxler" software (3D Data Visualization Solution).

ks-700 Ground Radar

Contents of the ks 700 metal detector user manual:



Installation of ground radar


The Starting

Starting ground radar operation.



Setting up the software.



Complete measuring process.



Evaluation of measurement diagrams.



Recording of measurement data.


Turn off

Turning off the ground radar.


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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Ks 700 Metal Detector:

  • How is gold detected?

    Can Metal Detectors Find Gold? One type of the detectors designed to find gold nuggets, a higher operating frequency than other detector in order to offer more sensitivity to small gold nuggets.

  • How does gold read on a metal detector?

    Gold gives a unique sound on a metal detector, similar to tones produced by other metals.

  • What are the signs of gold in the ground?

    Colored Rocks: If you notice different colors in a group of rock , it can be a gold . Acidic mineral solutions in gold areas can make the rocks in a lighter color. Finding the Quartz: Quartz is a common in the gold areas.

  • What rocks do you find gold in?

    Gold is most often found near the quartz rock. When quartz rock is found in gold  areas, it is possible that gold will be found.


Device Accessories

The Ks 700 Metal Detector device includes many additional accessories that are used in the process of searching and accurate detection, including:

Electronic control unit
2D visualization software
Battery carrying case
USB cable
Battery connection cable
Antenna (integrated/fixed to device).
User Manual
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Reviews (5)

  • I had it for many months now and the ks 700 metal detector price is suitable.

  • Awesome ks 700 metal detector price. It is not only for gold, but coins and more! Fun to use. The battery lasts forever!

  • This is by far the best detector I have used to date. It is light and easy to use. I cannot wait to get it out in some Gold and find me a picker. I would like to thank the officials for the speed of the response and it will not be the last order.

  • This brand and this detector specifically are an important item for most miners. Once you get it under control you will find what is there to be found. There is a pro and a con and they are both the same. This machine will find the smallest flake at the deepest depth.

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ks-700 Ground Radar

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