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Gold Monster 1000
Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000

Price: $1200

Gold Monster 1000 is a new entry and easiest gold ore detector ever from Minelab , combines great performance with ease of use

Made In Australia
Manufactorer Minelab
Search VLF
Depth 1 meter
Guarantee 2 years


Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 a new revolutionary device to find smallest gold nuggets

underground easily and effectively also with ease of use.

So it  designed to ease the process of gold ore detection.

however via its new features and modern ergonomic design, it is a good companion for any prospector.




Gold Monster 1000 is easy to use device for novice prospectors

with automatic operation and new Gold Chance indicator.

and easy to adjust sensitivity settings.

However it is a powerful gold detector for beginners and professionals also.


Gold Monster 1000 Features

The device includes enhanced ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination

feature and works with any type of soils such as salty soils

better than any rival higher frequency metal detector,

making it the most suitable device to maximize gold nuggets detection recovery.

Gold Monster 1000 combines super performance

at a great price in one compact package ,

and thus it is the perfect choice for any gold prospector in the world.


- Easy quick start

The prospector can use the device with minimum settings adjustment

and short practice thanks to its fully automatic operation and special features.




- Best sensitive VLF detector at 45 kHz

Gold Monster 1000 outperforms all other VLF (very low frequency) gold detectors,

because a generally low frequencies are more sensitive to bigger gold nuggets

and higher frequencies , as it is more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets,

however this device has a combination of optimal sensitivity and frequency.



- Highly adaptable

Work flawlessly in all terrains and ground conditions also , tested in all circumstances

in Africa, Australia and worldwide and performed well with awesome results.




- Gold Chance Indicator

The device has simple easy to read and understand visual Gold Chance indicator

so it is available on screen that displays probability (Low or High) of gold nuggets

indication in searched area below the search coil.



- Detect Modes :

Gold Monster 1000 includes 2 detection modes

so the user can select appropriate option from bellow:

1 - Gold Mode (with Iron Reject) suitable for gold detection



2 - Deep All-Metal Mode for all other metals such as iron.



- Sensitivity Options

The user of the device can select from these options for sensitivity settings:

- Manual for manual adjustment of sensitivity.

- Auto for automatic adjustment of sensitivity, so it is recommended for most cases

-  Auto+ automatic adjustment however with more accurate results.


- 2 search coils included

1 – Circular Waterproof Double D Coil with 5 inch diameter

2 – Elliptical Waterproof Double D Coil (10 inch x 6 inch) also




- Adjustable Volume:

So the user of Gold Monster 1000 can adjust volume of device tones

and sounds to suit his hearing, with 6 volume levels.

so it give many options for the user.


- Automatic Ground Balance

This feature enables the device to adapt the device to the terrain of the ground , so it give accurate results.


- Wide ground coverage with elliptical DD coil

wide coverage


- Easy to grab and handle

Thanks to its universal shaft adaptability which allows for

comfortable detection for short or long people also.


 - Rain proof control box



- Automatic noise cancellation

- High-Quality Digital electronics

  • Shaft : Universal Shaft Adapter
  • Performance : Highly Adaptable
  • VLF : Extra Sensitive VLF Performance
  • Construction : Rain Proof Control Box
  • Two Detect Modes : Gold & Deep All-Metal
  • Ground Balance : Auto Tracking Ground Balance
  • Operation : Easy Quick Start, Fully Automatic Operation
  • Gold Chance Indicator : Identify your Target Before you Dig
  • Factory Included Accessories
  • 10x6" DD Waterproof Search Coil
    • 5" DD Waterproof Search Coil
    • 3.5mm/1/8" Minelab Headphones
    • Minelab Digging Tool
    • Universal Shaft Adapter
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
    • Replaceable AA Battery Carrier
    • AC Charger & Car Battery Cable
    • Collapsible Shafts
    • Getting Started Guides

Package Contents

- Main Control Box includes the display screen and battery

and port for cable that connect it with the search coil, also a headphone jack.

- Armrest used for comfortable handling of the device during searching.

- Universal Shaft Adapter

- Shafts

- 10"x6" waterproof Elliptical Double-D Coil

- 5" Circular Double-D Coil

- Headphones connect to main unit for hearing of detection tones

- Rechargeable LI-ION Battery

- Replaceable AA Battery Carrier

- AC Charger

- Car Battery Cable

- Digging Tool


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