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Simplex Metal Detector is an easy to use metal detector that is classified in the category of advanced detectors. This detector is not only light enough...

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Nokta Makro simplex +
Uses of The Simplex Metal Detector

Simplex Metal Detector is an easy to use metal detector that is classified in the category of advanced detectors. This detector is not only light enough to fit in a backpack, but is also sensitive to great depths. The Simplex Metal Detector has a manual ground balancing and it is waterproof up to 10 feet as well.

Currency Detection

Currency Detection

Simplex metal detector can search and discover ancient coins.

Gold Nuggets Detection

Gold Nuggets Detection

Simplex gold detector can find gold nuggets even in small sizes.

Metal Detection

Metal Detection

Detecting small artifacts made of different types of metal such as silver, gold or bronze.

Beach Metal Detecting

Beach Metal Detecting

Beach Mode is designed with the most appropriate settings for detecting lost metal objects.


Ground Balance

The most useful feature for beginners in Simplex Metal Detector is the automatic ground balancing, where the user can start searching immediately without any ground balancing.

Vibration feature

When a metal target is detected, the device will vibrate, so it is ideal for hearing impairment users and for underwater detections as well.

Online Updates

Simplex metal detector software updates can be easily obtained from the manufacturer's website and installed by connecting the device to the computer via the USB port.

Frequency offset

The frequency-offset feature provides the best way to eliminate electromagnetic interference easily by adjusting the frequency value to small values ​​until interference is eliminated.

Water Resistant

Simplex Metal Detector is designed to be waterproof with IP68 standard. The device can be completely submerged in water up to 3 meters underwater. It is also dust resistant.

Night Mode

The Simplex metal detector can be used at night and under water because it has a backlight for its LCD screen, a backlight for the keyboard, in addition to an LED lamp attached to the device.

Simplex Metal Detector is a top metal detector that is ideal for both beginners and professional researchers. The ergonomic design, the PinPoint smart search mode and the high frequency ensure efficient operation even in the most difficult terrain. 

The search for buried treasures in the ground is an activity that is gaining more and more amateurs every year. If you want to try this hobby, choose Metal Detector + Simplex Metal Detector from the famous Nokta brand. With this device you can easily find buried coins, military treasures and all other valuable finds. The device has a high frequency (12 kHz), which makes it easy to find small items, in addition to having 5 different work modes, and a smart search system that facilitates accurate target tracking. Other great features are the simple operation and the ergonomic design, and with these, you will get an excellent and inexpensive detector.

In addition to the basic accessories, the Simplex Metal Detector includes the Green Edition 2.4GHz wireless headphones, which designed specifically to work with detectors from this company. Now you can fully focus on your search, which will surely lead to great results. The great feature of the headphones is their ergonomic design, durable battery and great sound quality, which make you hear all the signals from the device clearly.

Simplex metal detector has the following detection modes:

All metal mode

All metal mode is the default detection mode used to find all types of metals including ferrous metals such as iron or steel, or non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and bronze.

However, this mode does not have metal discrimination settings, so it will give the same tone of sound to any buried metal object detected by a Simplex metal detector.

Beach mode

Beach Mode is designed with the most appropriate settings for detecting lost metal objects such as rings and small coins on the beaches, oceans or lakes, whether in dry or wet sandy soil.

Field mode

This mode designed to discover different metals in fields full of metal objects such as ancient battlefields including ancient coins, swords, daggers, etc.

Garden Mode

This mode is well suited as its name when searching for small metal objects such as rings and small coins in parks and gardens.

With Simplex Metal Detector, you can search for ancient coins made of different metals such as silver, gold or bronze.

VLF Search Technology

Simplex Metal Detector is an electromagnetic metal detector that uses very low frequency (VLF) technology. The operating frequency used is 12 kHz, so this frequency provides effective detection of small metal objects such as coins and nuggets, but has been optimized for the best and most accurate results.

Simplex metal detector is constantly updated to meet all the research requirements that explorers desire. It is considered one of the best gold detectors.

The most important updates made to the Simplex metal detector:

The 7th Sensitivity level has been added to provide additional Sensitivity for depth:

You should keep in mind that the device may make noise at this level depending on the conditions and that this is completely normal.

  • Added additional mode (Park 1): Park mode in previous versions was called (Park 2). In this update, a new (Park 1) mode has been added. Park1 is a relatively deeper mode but is slightly slower than Park2. In this mode, the device emits a low tone for ferrous targets, a medium tone for gold and a high tone for non-ferrous metals such as silver and copper.
  • Changes have been made to the general status of all metal detection.
  • It was removed from the first position in the options and moved to the end.
  • Threshold setting has been added to this mode.
  • In All Metal mode, the threshold setting for each sensitivity level has been optimized to provide the best performance on different terrains. You can adjust the mode setting between -50 +50 based on ground conditions.
  • A mineralization bar has been added to the screen.
  • Timeout lengths have been increased.
  • Added BACK (Up Arrow) option to exit settings to return to the home screen without waiting for the timeout.
  • The sensitivity of the device has been increased to greater depths.
  • 4 levels have been added to "Auto Brightness" as shown in screen A1-A2-A3-A4.
  • Sound is optimized for precise positioning and wired headphones.
  • The manual ground balancing function has been expanded.

If the device received a lot of noise or emits false signals and you did not manage to get rid of it by lowering the sensitivity, first set the sensitivity settings to their original level. Then increase the ground balance value between 90.1 -91.0 one by one until the noise is eliminated. As the ground balance value increases, the sensitivity of the device to highly conductive coins (silver, copper, etc.) will decrease.

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Nokta Makro simplex +

The Correct Way to Use Simplex Metal Detector

Here are the steps for using the device in detail:


Insert the washers

Insert the washers on the lower shaft, and then put the lower shaft in its place on the coil. Secure it by tightening the screw and nut.


Connect the middle column

Join the middle rod with the upper and lower rods by opening the lever latches and put the pieces together. Adjust the length of the device then press the latches to secure.


Winding the search coil cable

Wind the coil cable on the shaft without stretching it. Then, plug the connector to the search coil input socket on the system box and secure it by tightening the nut. While you are tightening it, you may hear clicks indicating that the connector is secured correctly.


Armrest Adjustment

If you want to adjust the armrest, first remove the screws. Slide the armrest up or down one level then align the holes and secure by tightening the screws. You can attach the spare screw to the empty hole to save it.


Put the armrest

Put the armrest strap as shown in the using manual and adjust it to your arm size then tight it.


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Device Accessories

The Simplex Metal Detector device includes many additional accessories that are used in the process of searching and accurate detection, including:

Main Unit (control box)
Search Coil SP28 (26 cm)
Search Coil Cover
USB Cable
Device Charger
2.4 GHz wireless headphones
User Manual
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Nokta Makro simplex +

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