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Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer
Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer

Price: $840

Kruzer is a best new metal detector with powerful multi frequencies technology

Made In Turkey
Manufactorer Nokta Makro
Search VLF Single Frequency
Depth 1 meters
Guarantee 2 years


Nokta Multi kruzer Metal Detector 

The Nokta Multi Kruzer is one of the latest gold and metal detector,

which considered as a unique and modern device,

It released in 2018 with the latest technology in the field of underground

metal detection with multiple versions, and the most famous and new version

of them was the two versions of single search frequencies and a multi-frequency

Multi Kruzer, and that allows the use of multiple frequencies within the device.

Kruzer is famous for its sleek and attractive-looking design that comes with

a large screen, which makes it easy for you to use and read it.

The Nokta Multi Kruzer gold detector is very useful for some practical applications

in metal detection, for example detecting for ancient gold and silver coins,

and it will help you to discover the gold, which has been buried for long years,

and all the remnants of the past civilizations, like statues and others.

Generally, it is a recommended device for all new prospector,

who want to search for buried treasures at depths reach to 2 meters,

and all that because of its competitive price, amazing features, and the ease of use.


Nokta Multi Kruzer Features

– Target ID

You will notice that the device shows on its screen a number when it discovers

a metal target buried beneath the soil, and that number expresses the type of the

metal and varies according to the composition of the metal.

That number is called the Digital Target ID, and the value of the digital

target identifier relates to a range of factors, including the electrical conductivity

properties of the buried metal.


You have to know that there are some metals, which are good conductors of electricity,

like copper and others are non-conductive metals, such as aluminum or lead.

The value of the target ID ranges from 00 to 99 and you can experiment it by

linking a certain number with the discovery of a target like gold.

If you want to make the device displays value, then the digital ID must receive a

fairly strong and clear signal from the reflected metal field of the metal.

You need to know that if the reflected field is weak or dimmed,

then the screen will never show the value.

You may notice that the value is variable within a large field or swing

and that happens because of some factors such as the direction of the body,

the depth, the chemical composition of the metal, the amount of erosion

over the years, and the direction of the rotation of the search coil in use.


– Multi-Frequency Technology

Kruzer metal detector is the first device, which has a multiple different search frequency,

unlike the traditional metal detectors that created in the past and programmed to search

at only one specific search frequency.

Those old metal detectors expressed by a number in kHz, which are designed

for a specific purpose, like discovering small coins or offer greater

sensitivity for small gold nuggets… etc.

In Kruzer, the detector and the searcher can select one of the three frequencies

that are already in the device (5 – 14 – 20 kHz), which can be replaced at the touch

of a button by the control buttons, and you can find those buttons

in the control panel at the bottom of the screen.


– Search Modes

The Kruzer device has a multi-frequency version that includes six pre-prepared

modes of search containing different settings and values

according to the objective of the search mode.

There are some conditions allocated to search for all metals,

while some of the other conditions of the search focused on different metals in several fields.

You can select the appropriate search mode by the device software

and you will do that via the control buttons under the screen.


1 – General Search Mode (GEN)

It is used for all metal searches, where this mode does not contain

any particular tones or distinctions, and when a target is detected

that shows the digital ID on the screen and produces a single tone for all targets.

It can be used too for searching for large areas when the prospector

does not care about the type of metal.

It is better not to use this mode in areas containing a large percentage

of minerals because the device will produce continuous sounds and noise

and your search will be worthless.


2 – Discrimination Mode with Two Tones (2 Tone)

By using that mode, you will notice that the target ID field is divided

into two ranges and two audio frequencies for each range:

- From 00 to 15 that is for ferrous metals and the acoustic tone is low

- From 16 to 99 that is for precious metals (gold, copper, etc.) and the tone is high.

Note that the volume of the sound increases with the approach of the coil closer to the target.

It is preferable to use this search mode to discover the small pieces

of metallic artifacts and provide the best results in clean sites that

do not contain a lot of scrap metal or iron.


3 – Discrimination Mode with Three Tones (3 Tone)

In this mode, you will find that the target ID field splits into three fields

and three tones according to each range:

- From 00 to 15 that is for ferrous metals with low tone

- From 16 to 66 that is for precious metals (gold for example) and the tone of voice is medium sharp

- From 67 to 99 that is for precious metals (silver and copper) and the sound tone is high

This mode is specifically designed to search for coins of old gold and silver in specific areas, which contain a lot of scrap metal or iron such as parks.


4 – Discrimination Mode with Four Tones (4 Tone)

By using this mode, the target ID field divided into four ranges and four tones according to each range:

- From 00 to 15 that is for ferrous metals with low tone

- From 16 to 30 that is for precious metals (e.g. gold) and the tone is medium sharp

- From 31 to 66 that is for precious metals (silver and brass) and the tone of the sound medium to high

-From 67 to 99 that is for certain precious metals and the sound tone is high.

It will be perfect for you to use this mode when searching for old coins

specially in low mineralized areas and it will provide greater depth.


5 – Beach Mode (BEACH)

You can use that mode when you need to in moist sandy soils,

like sea beaches or lakes, and in that mode, you will notice

that the device outputs two tones according to the target.


6 – Deep Search Mode (DEEP)

By using that search mode, the device also produces two sound

tones according to the target ID value as in the Tone 2 search mode.

It is better to use deep search mode when searching for small

pieces of jewelry, like small ornaments (rings, bracelets, chains).

It will also give you the greatest depth, unlike all the other search modes in the device.


E.U.D Feature

If you are looking for gold in particular areas with a large proportion

of metals, then the value of the digital target ID may be incorrect

and misleading to the prospector.

The gold hunter will find it hard to search deeper because

the signals coming from the metal are blocked on the surface.

You can detect targets with a different sound tone than the

other tones of the device if you use the Extra Underground Depth feature in the device.

You have to know that when using this feature, the device

will not recognize metals and you will find that all metals have the same tone.


Ground Balance Settings

It is important to check the device and the balance correctly

before starting to use and search with it, and you can make

the ground balancing according to three settings:

1 – Manual

The user can do balancing and calibration manually and it is a preferred option in some cases and terrain.

2 – Automatic

At that case mood of ground balance, the device will adjust the value of the ground balance

according to the changes in the terrain of the ground within the search area,

and that is a good option for practical use and it will give you best results.

3 – Ground Tracking

If you use that option, the device will automatically adjust the value of

the ground balance with the movement of the search disk and changes in the ground



When you make that useful feature active, the device will vibrate when

it detects a metal object underground, and the user is alerted to the presence of the target.

That amazing feature may be related to the sound settings or to the cancellation of the sound.

You can use the Vibration option in the device software if you want to adjust the vibration strength and settings


Lithium – polymer battery

The Li-Polymer rechargeable battery is famous for its ability

to work for up to 19 hours or more depending on the settings used and a range of factors.


How to Search with Nokta Multi Kruzer

– You can turn on the device by turning the power switch,

and you cannot do that unless after finishing the installation process

– You have to select the appropriate search mode on the screen

by using the control panel buttons and choose the appropriate ground balancing options

– You have to make sure that the ground balance and the calibration

of the device are working according to pre-selected numbers

– The belt is tied around the hand that passes through the handle of

the device and is held by the device from the handle located at the bottom of the screen

– Make sure that the search disk is exactly parallel to the ground and then start searching

– You need to search by the movement of the user and the disk that

moves left and right with fast and smooth spiral movement in order to have the best results ever


Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 5kHz/14kHz/19kHz
Audio Frequencies 150 Hz - 700Hz adjustable
Search Modes 6 (Gen/2 Tone/3 Tone/4 Tone/Beach/ Deep)
Iron Audio Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Gain Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search Coil Waterproof DD Search Coil 28x18 cm / 11" x 7" (KR28)
Display Custom LCD
Backlight Yes
Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs.) including search coil and batteries
Length 111 cm - 135,5 cm (44" - 53") adjustable
Battery 3700mAh Lithium Polymer
Warranty 2 Years

Package Contents

  • The main unit of the device (control box)
  • Search CD KR28 DD with dimensions (28 * 18 cm) with cover for the search disk
  • 2.4 GHz wireless headphones
  • USB cable
  • Charger for the device
  • User manual and warranty certificate
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