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Infinity Max Pro Gold Detector - Buy Now

The InfiniMax Pro device, or Infinity Max Pro, integrates all the technology of gold and metal detection devices into one unit. It does this through an extensive set of sensors, detectors, and various coils incorporating entirely new search technologies. It features a modern, advanced multi-language program that offers a smooth and easy user experience when selecting different searches, adjusting their settings, and visually representing all search systems through the device screen or via the Multi Visual Analyzer app on any Android tablet.

Key Features of Infinity Max Pro:

  • The Infinity Max Pro is a versatile solution for professional treasure hunters as it combines 3D ground scanning, an electromagnetic metal detector, a gold detector, and a geophysical device into one package.
  • Twelve search systems include the latest metal detection technologies.
  • Powerful inspection and detection tools include the I.M.T.U, V.S.T, MGS, PS50, PS36, and PS28 search files.
  • The Multi Visual Analyzer is a powerful application for multi-language 3D visualization and analysis used for displaying 3D visualizations of survey data as multi-colored 3D graphics, with tools to help prospectors discover detailed information about targets, such as type, location, and depth.
  • Three long-range Location systems (LRL), including Auto LRL, Manual LRL, and CTRL LRL, with plenty of options to customize the search process and visual indicators on the device screen.
  • The Infinity Max Pro features a Pulse Induction system through the large PS50 search coil, equipped with performance-enhancing technology to reach greater depths for buried metal targets and gold.
  • A powerful geophysical system uses geophysical measurement of earth resistance using spikes planted into the ground. Based on resistance values, the device can determine various types of targets, including cavities such as caves, tunnels, rooms, and different kinds of metals like gold, silver, and copper, among others.
  • It utilizes a special tunnel system for detecting underground cavities and structures such as tunnels, caves, rooms, tombs, and cellars.
  • An integrated feedback system combines sound through audio tones and light via V.S.T LED strips, and visualization on the screen or tablet to provide the prospector with a comprehensive view of the potential targets discovered and complete information about them.
  • The large (5-inch) high-resolution color LCD screen facilitates easy setting adjustments, clear number reading, and comfortable results viewing.

Search Systems of InfiniMax Pro

This device is characterized by an efficient search system based on wireless frequency technology. The search systems of InfiniMax Pro include the following:

  • 3D Ground Scan System: This is the most accurate and powerful search system in the InfiniMax Pro device. It is a completely new technological system designed with advanced Mega Detection technology. The ground scan system helps in scanning the ground through a multi-story scanner (MGS) and creates a 2D visualization on the device screen or 3D visualization via the Visual Analyzer app for Mega Detection devices on any Android device.
  • Results Display: The device is equipped with a wide range of ground induction spectra, which are responsible for determining the shape and depth of the target. Therefore, the device is considered one of the most accurate devices in accurately determining the shape and depth of the target. The ground scan systems have comprehensive options and settings that can be adjusted, including the choice between:
  • Device: In this case, the scan results are visually displayed on the device screen. Tablet: The scan results are visually displayed on the tablet screen using the Multi Visual Analyzer app.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


Search Modes

This refers to the method of conducting the scan and can be adjusted to:

  • Manual: If selected, the user will manually record signal measurements at each point. Automatic: In this case, the device will automatically record measurements at each point.

infinity max pro


Scanning Direction:

The scan direction determines how the user will navigate the search to complete the scanning process, and there are two options:

One Direction: If selected, the user will send and record signals at each point along the search line. At the end of each line, they will return near the start of the previous line but with the offset distance to begin scanning another line nearby. This means the scanning direction will be in one direction on each line or that all scanning lines will be parallel.

Alternating: In this case, the starting point for the next search line will be close to the endpoint of the previous line, or in other words, the movement direction will be opposite for each consecutive line.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو



Here, the user can adjust the following settings:

  • Width: The number of dot lines.
  • Height: The number of points in each scan line or scanning points.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


Starting Point

The user can specify the starting point within the scanning area (a rectangular area that includes scan lines and their points) where the scanning process will begin.

On the left: In this case, the scanning process starts from the bottom-left corner of the scanning area. On the right: The scanning process will start from the bottom-right corner of the scanning area.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


After setting all the previous settings, the scanning tab will display a summary of the selected settings, and the user can press "OK" in the device control panel to start the scanning process.

During the scanning process, measurements will be visually displayed at each scanning point on the screen as a two-dimensional grid consisting of rows and columns of cells. Each cell is displayed in a specific color that reflects the relevant land area structure.

On the right side of the two-dimensional grid, there are several displayed values: Current x (line number) - Current y (current point) - Search value

If the user chooses to complete the scan via the tablet device, the same values and settings are set within the installed analysis application on the tablet device. The scanning is done using Infinity Pro Max in the same way, and the results are displayed directly on the tablet computer screen as a three-dimensional graph that provides the user with more accurate clarification and knowledge of buried targets, their type, depth, and precise location within the scanned area.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The Long Range Auto Locator [AUTO LRL] in the Infinity Max Pro device.

The Infinity Max Pro uses the AUTO LRL search system with a special probe called the Intelligent Multiple Transmission and Receiving Unit (IMTU) to search for potential target signals in the long-range scanning field. The reflected signals are received through a pair of antennas.

This is an advanced search system that covers large areas of the search zone. It has the ability to automatically detect all types of buried metals within a scanning area of up to 3000 meters and depths of up to 100 meters. The results are displayed as values indicating the percentage of detected targets within the search area. Here is a list of the settings that can be adjusted by the user:

Distance: Range

This refers to the distance in the front range or search direction, which can be adjusted within the range of 0 to 3000 meters.


This refers to the maximum depth of possible targets that the device can reach to detect potential targets. It can be adjusted within the range of 0 to 100 meters.

infinity max pro


After setting the previously discussed settings, the user can begin the search process. During the search, the antennas will move left or right depending on the potential nearby targets. A visible pointer on the screen will guide the user, where the progress bar appears on the left or right with gradient colors from green (minimum value) to red (maximum value) depending on the value of the progress bar.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The user must track the movement of the antennas to inform him that he has obtained the best signals and, after finishing, he can move to the next "Report" screen which will display a visual report about the potential target as four horizontal bars (gold - silver - iron - diamond), each bar will display the estimated percentage value that indicates the likelihood of the target's composition.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


Controlling Long Range Locator in the Infinity Max Pro device [CTRL LRL] in Infinity Max Pro

The frequency control system is one of the new technologies and important features integrated into Infinity Max Pro, which enables the user to select the exact value of the search frequency in order to search and find any kind of targets that the prospector is trying to reach, thus ensuring more accurate results. When searching using this system, the user can also set many other values and search-related settings, which are the search frequency, soil type, and front distance as detailed below:

Soil Type

It can be adjusted according to the ground that prospectors are searching for, and it can be set to one of the following types: rocky - neutral - mixed - metal - clay - sandy - metallic - chalk - salty.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو



Users can manually set a custom search frequency value using this option. The range of values ranges between 100 and 5000 megahertz.


جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


Distance: Span

It is the maximum distance between the user's location and the targeted location during the search process. This means that the user can search for a customized circular distance around him, and this distance starts from 0 to 3000 meters.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو



  • Is the maximum depth for possible targets that the device can reach to find potential targets, and its value can be adjusted within a range of 0 to 50 meters.

infinity max pro


After setting all the previous settings, the user moves to the scan screen and presses the "Start Scan" button to start the search process. The results screen will display a circular indicator, and the direction arrow reflects the direction of the antennas by degrees, beneath it is the signal chart, and on the right is the previously explained tilt bar (alignment tool).
A small digital compass is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen indicating north.

Manual long-range locator [MANUAL LRL] in Infinity Max Pro device

This search system uses a multi-mode intelligent transmitter and receiver, or IMTU, which sends high-frequency wave signals in the search direction, and the reflected signals are received by a pair of antennas, in this system, the type or the target program to be searched can be specified, this option means the device does not receive any signal except the target signal that was specified, with options to adjust the forward distance up to 3000 meters and a depth of up to 50 meters before the start of the search, this system has 11 separate signals search programs, which can be chosen from the targets list. In this system, search values and settings are manually set by the user according to his preferences before the search starts, and the following values can be modified:


Users can choose the target type, i.e. the type of metal that the target is made of, and they can choose from pre-determined search programs that include all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Examples: gold - silver - copper - diamond - gems.


infinity max pro


Distance: The Range

The distance value reflects the scan range in the forward direction, and the value can be accurately specified in the range from 0 to 3000 meters.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو



It is the value of maximum search depth that can be reached through the current search settings, and the value can be adjusted accurately in the range of 0 to 50 meters.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


After the previous search settings have been adjusted, a digital compass appears on the device's screen. It contains an indicator pointing to the device's direction (for example, north), with a graduated semi-circular indicator representing the direction of antenna movement according to the user's movement during the search.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


One of the important features that allows the user to accurately adjust the device's tilt angle is the gradient inclination indicator, which represents the degree of the device's tilt from the horizon. The green color indicates the correct values and the red color indicates the incorrect values for the tilt angle.

The Ionic System [IONIC] in Infiinity Max Pro

The Ionic system has been developed according to a completely new technology, the first of its kind in metal detectors like the Infinity Max Pro device. It is a significant improvement over the traditional system found in Mega Detection and other competitors' devices.

The new technology allows the precise detection of ionic fields generated from metal targets buried underground, thanks to the smart multi transmitting and receiving unit (i.e., the first of its kind in metal detectors) which ensures accurate reception and processing of signals, together with the capacity to control some set signals display for more precise results. Upon choosing the Ionic system, the device would begin searching immediately and herein are the possible settings that can be adjusted.


During the search process and according to the target survey, the Ion system performs a special scan representing the targeting capability or the distance between the user and the target.

The user can change the sensitivity value to analyze the resulting sound, and its value ranges from 0 to 100.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The electronic system [BIONIC] in the INFINITI Max Pro device

This search system is similar to the ionic system in the way it works and uses the Intelligent Multi-Transmission (I.M.T.U) for scanning.


infinity max pro


The difference here is that ionic signals are captured from certain metallic bodies. For example, for gold, the search is directed to capture ionic signals similar to the buried metallic objects underground within the surrounding area. After identifying the ionic system and directing the IMTU to a specific target made of the metal to be searched for, the INFINITI Pro Max device will start searching in the user's movement direction. There are similar options in the ionic system that can be modified:


The user can change the sensitivity value for analyzing the resulting sound, and its value ranges between 0 and 100.

Signal strength

Generally, to adjust the device to detect larger targets, this value is decreased, and it's increased to detect smaller targets.

The previous values are displayed on the results screen as circular ratio indicators on the right and left sides, and a signal strength indicator below. There's also a save option to save the results.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


Live Stream System [LIVE STREAM] in INFINITI Max Pro

The live stream system is a system developed for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous (precious) metals, as well as spaces such as caves and tunnels. The scan is carried out by a Vertical Send and Receive device (V.S.T) in real-time, i.e., in direct transmission with a visual representation of the signal according to a specific flow reflecting the nature and type of metal on the device screen or via the tablet using the Visual Analyzer app for Mega Detection devices.

This system can make the search and finding of burials, archaeological treasures, and cavities like tunnels and ground caves easy for the user with greater speed and accuracy and with reliable results and tools for analyzing results and determining the location and depth of the site easily. The signal flow rate can be adjusted during the search process; therefore, the speed can be adjusted according to the user's walking speed and movement.

The signals detected by the conical sensor are represented on the device's screen according to a continuous color system that changes its color according to the potential target type; it turns red when a valuable metal signal is detected and green for the ground. Concurrently with the color indicator, the device emits sounds according to the type of target whose signal has been captured.

Also, the user can see a visual representation of the signals captured by the sensor on the tablet device, which comes with the main device, within a 3D analyzer application. This app displays the signal diagram in a graph, and the color of the graph will similarly change depending on the nature of the signal, i.e., the type of metal or target.

 انفينيتي ماكس برو


Pinpointer System

This system uses a VST probe to precisely locate the target and can distinguish the presence of a metallic target or a cavity underground, like a grave or a tunnel, by changing audio tones or through a graph displayed on the screen. When the signal strength increases, the graph lines will appear larger on the screen. In the results screen for this system, there are several options:


During the search process and according to the target scan, the Pinpointer system performs a special scan and displays a graph on the screen indicating the target's presence underground. The user can change the sensitivity value at any time to analyze the sound and resulting graph.


The user can use this option to calibrate the sensor's sensitivity at any time depending on the type of ground and the area condition.


Resets the calibration process to the default value. The visual representation of the received signals on the device screen is a curved graph if metal signals are received, consisting of upward rectangles of different lengths, with a gradient color from green to red at the maximum values, then gradually towards green at low values.

In case of receiving cavity signals - like a tunnel - they will be made up of rectangles pointing downwards, of different lengths, ranging from green to dark blue in the middle at maximum values, then grading towards green at low values.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


In case of receiving cavity signals - like a tunnel - they would be made from rectangles oriented downwards, with different lengths, ranging from green to dark blue in the middle for maximum values, then fading towards green at minimum values.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The Pulse Induction system in Infinity Max Pro

This system involves a new technology that ensures excellent performance in detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals under varying ground conditions and types of soil and terrain.

The Pulse Induction system in Infinity Max Pro uses a powerful search coil ps50 a Double D (DD) to detect buried metallic objects, offering depth, extensive search capabilities, and efficiency in finding hard-to-reach targets. Signals received and displayed on the device's screen, along with audio tones, provide additional feedback for the user to discern the type of target. The user can adjust the following settings or options:

Ground Balance

This feature allows the adjustment of ground balance according to the terrain in the search area. This is done by pressing the OK button once while keeping the DD search parallel to the ground until the process is completed. It's important to conduct a ground balance before starting a search.


This control manages the threshold of sound for incoming signals, which can be adjusted according to the user's preference--either to hear the faintest signals coming from very small targets or to ignore them to focus on hearing signals of larger targets. The user can set the value between 1 and 6.

Signal Strength

This control refers to the option that controls the volume of incoming signals, which are at greater depths (deep targets, not shallow). It can be set within a range of values from 1 to 6, where the higher number indicates a louder volume.

Sound Tone Settings

This control adjusts the sound tone settings, where several levels of tones can be chosen; changing these alters the visual representation of the signals.

infinity max pro


The pulse induction system displays a colorful two-dimensional graph on the right side of the corresponding setting buttons. This graph changes according to the target passing through the PS50 coil. The lower part of the graph shows two indicators corresponding to the type of detected targets (ferrous or non-ferrous), the length of which changes according to received signals.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The smart detection system [SMART DETECT] on the Infinity Max Pro device

The smart detection system is an optimal choice for prospectors looking for natural gold nuggets, small artifacts, jewelry, coins, and other types of metals at small depths of about 3 meters or less.

It was developed using enhanced technology in terms of features, metal discrimination, and search profiles (PS36 and PS28), delivering top performance across all types of terrains and soil. When conducting a search using the smart detection system, there are two sub-modes to match each search profile:

Mode 1 / PS36

Use the PS36 coil (with a 36cm diameter) for detection. The device shows a screen with indicators and buttons, allowing you to adjust detection settings and options as follows:


By selecting this button and pressing "OK", the user can calibrate the coils before starting the search for more accurate results.

Detection Modes

The detection mode is chosen by activating one of the three buttons corresponding to the detection mode. These are:

  • All Metals: This is a general detection mode, activating it allows the device to receive signals from metallic ferrous and non-ferrous targets.
  • Non-Ferrous: By activating this detection mode, the Infinity Max Pro filters the signals to receive only non-ferrous metal targets such as gold, silver, and copper. This means that the device ignores signals from targets made of ferrous materials.
  • Ferrous Artifacts: This detection mode is the opposite of the previous mode where the device receives signals only from ferrous targets such as iron and ignores signals from other metals.

Sound Tone Settings

This option controls whether or not the sound emitted from the device's internal speaker is enabled. This is useful when the user wants to identify the type of target by the digital indicator without hearing the sound, as in noisy environments.

Target ID Indicator

This is a numeric circular graph located in the center of the circle. It displays a number, known as a Digital Target ID (Target ID), corresponding to a certain metal type, such as gold.

On the sides of the circle are two symmetrical semi-circular indicators consisting of bars that are gradually colored from the bottom to the top according to the target signal strength and the selected detection mode.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


In the All Metals detection mode, only the left semi-circular indicator is activated if the target is non-ferrous, with colors ranging from yellow to red. However, in the case of a ferrous target, only the right indicator is activated, and its color gradient is from green to blue.
In the Non-Ferrous detection mode, both indicators are activated with colors ranging from yellow to red (the number of colored bars depending on signal strength).
In the Ferrous mode, both indicators are activated with colors going from green to blue.


This option can control the audio threshold for incoming signals. The user can adjust it using a vertical scale ranging from 1 to 6, increasing with the number which means that a higher threshold value corresponds to hearing weaker signals, for example, coming from very small gold nuggets.

Mode 2 / PS28

Use PS28 coil (with a 28cm diameter) for detection. The device displays a screen that includes two vertical indicators on the sides and a graphical indicator in the middle. These are explained as follows:


The left vertical indicator determines the sensitivity level. The user can set it among 9 levels, with a higher sensitivity value corresponding to detecting smaller targets and vice versa.


It is a vertical indicator on the right side that determines the threshold value. The user can set it among 9 higher values, with a higher value corresponding to hearing smaller target sounds, and lower values associated with larger target sounds.

Signal Indicator

It is a graphical indicator at the center of the screen that shows the target ID number and FE / NONFE indicators which are enabled based on the metal type (ferrous or non-ferrous). Also, a visible signal indicator displays a series of circles with increasing diameters from top to bottom that light up (activated) based on the strength of the detected target signal.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The Geophysical System [Geo-System] on Infinity Max Pro device

The geophysical system is a high-performance system that uses geophysical measurements of earth resistance using stakes planted in the ground. Based on soil resistance values in the search area, the device can determine the presence or absence of different types of targets including cavities like caves, tunnels, hidden rooms, as well as different types of metals like gold, silver, copper and even groundwater deposits, which are pre-identified within the system's settings.

infinity max pro


"It is the strongest metal and gold detector ever made, with the largest integrated set of search and scanning tools available. The user can adjust the following settings before starting the search:

Target Type

First, the type of target to be searched for is selected from the target list, which includes: Gold, Bronze, Silver, Water, Iron, Cavity, Copper.

After choosing the type of target, the device pumps an electric current through the electrodes according to the chosen target and the soil resistance in the search area is measured. Based on the measurement values, the results screen is displayed. There are two states:

1. Target Found

The results screen displays a two-dimensional graph in the form of a set of ellipsoid curves that change color from green to red with a peak in the middle of the chart corresponding to a certain value on the vertical axis representing the percentage probability of the targeted presence in the area.

infinity max pro


To the right of the two-dimensional diagram, a series of information is displayed within rectangles, which include:

  • Target: Refers to the selected target type (gold for example)
  • Value: Refers to the value related to the measurement of soil resistance
  • Rate: It is the percentage of the possibility of the target occurrence, this percentage matches the peak of the upper elliptical shape on the curves.

2. Target Not Found

Here, no curves (deletion signs) mentioned above will be drawn. Instead, a message indicating that the target has not been found will be displayed.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


In this case, the value related to soil resistance and the rate value will be equal to zero.

Tunnel Scan System [TUNNEL SCAN] with Infinity Max Pro device

This system uses a powerful multi-probe optical scanner for the floors MG, but here with a focus on detecting underground cavities and structures such as tunnels, rooms, cellars, shelters, caves, and so on.

The device provides a two-dimensional visual representation on the display screen and a three-dimensional visualization on any Android tablet via the Multi Visual Analyzer application.

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو

جهاز انفينيتي ماكس برو


The tunnel scan system in Infinity Max Pro gold detector

Is a specialized mode for the ground scanning system, so the settings and scanning options in this system completely match the options available in the ground scanning system, the only difference is that scanning of metallic targets is ignored, and the focus is on displaying and visualizing cavities and voids underground, including tunnels, cellars, tombs ... etc.

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Technical Features
  • Brand Mega Detection manufacture
  • Depth 50 Meters
  • Guarantee 5 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Infiniti Max Pro
How To Use

Features of the infiniti max pro

  • 12 search systems that include all the latest metal detection technologies.

  • Powerful probes and detection tools include search files I.M.T.U and V.S.T, MGS, PS50, PS36, and PS28.

  • Modern ergonomic design combines lightweight, aesthetics of appearance, and convenience for long realistic use in research fields. It is made of high-quality materials, providing the user with a comfortable experience.

  • The powerful new three-dimensional ground scanning technology via the multi-Ground Scanner (MG) probe ensures more accurate results by covering a larger area and visualizing the survey data on the device's screen or tablet.

Android Tablet (Optional)
User Manual
Lithium-Ion Battery
Search Coils Cloth Bag (contains PS50
Accessories Box (Screws – Nuts – Battery Charger – Cables…)
Geophysical System Cables Reel
Geophysical System Wedges
Long-Range Antennas
Armrest & Shafts
Connector Base
Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T)
Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S.60)
Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit (I.M.T.U)
System Box (Main Unit)
User Manual
User Manual
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