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Discovery SM

Price: $5250
  • Depth: 20 meters
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Made In: Germany
Metal detector
Metal detector
Relic detector
Relic detector
Suitable for Beginners
Suitable for Beginners
Gold Detection
Gold Detection
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Product Details

The Discovery SM geophysical gold and metal detector is one of the best imaging gold detectors and 3D ground scanners.

Discovery SM search modes:

The device contains 5 different search modes for ground survey. The mode is selected according to several factors such as the nature of the land and the type of target. The device includes the following modes:

1 - Automatic ground scanning
2- Manual ground survey
3- Dynamic scanning
4- Precise scanning
5- REALTIME scan

Built-in screen to display direct messages:

Unlike most imaging scanning devices, the Discovery device displays the results directly on its screen without the need for a computer, laptop, tablet/tablet/smart phone...etc.
The screen provides the ability to display the results in a three-dimensional graphical form with the ability to control the width and viewpoints and conduct detailed and accurate analyzes to know the depth, shape and all information on buried targets.
The results can be obtained quickly with the representation of the surveyed land in the form of 3D graphics and it is easy to understand. It includes areas colored with different colors depending on the target, such as blue color for spaces and yellow for minerals
ferrous, red for gold, and so on.

Easily analyze data:

The results are displayed in 3D, and the display and viewing points can be controlled and detailed analyzes performed on the screen directly via the control buttons.
The different options of the device software allow for accurate analyzes in terms of displaying different projections to clarify the target's shape, position, depth, and geometric shape...etc.

Deep search:

Under ideal conditions, depending on the structure of the soil, its type and the size of the buried targets, it is possible to reach very large depths that may reach up to 25 meters underground, which means obtaining depths far beyond those that can be achieved by standard metal detectors.

Detect blanks:

Using an innovative hybrid technology based on a geo-electric system.
Concerning the measurement of soil resistance with photogrammetric features, large underground voids such as dug tunnels, buried canyons, ancient tombs and caves can be detected at much deeper depths compared to similar devices.

Easy customizable program - available in multiple languages. The Discovery program also includes a wide variety of customization options for the user, including display language, display method, units of measurement used, and location information.
and customize the time zone, screen brightness and other options.

SM Discovery LanguagesThe device software interface is available in multiple international languages ​​including:

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Farsi.

Embedded System Technology

Get results with a single device with detailed 3D graphics.
On the main discovery screen, you can view 3D scan results and perform detailed analyzes without the need for a different device (eg tablets and computers).
Display information about depth, location, and size using 3D graphics and numerical data.
Various options such as 3D analytics, detail and depth information allow you to perform detailed and optimized analyzes on the measurements.
Analyze survey results in a detailed way with 3D graphics and digital data.
Multi-language support.
Easy to use with multi language options.
Personal customization!

Customizable menu options make scanning fun and easy.

Install your device for the first time and make it special for you. Free to customize menu themes.

3D graphics

Get results quickly with understandable graphics where you can view scan results in the form of 3D color graphics and structures and differences are identified with a different color gamut from each other.

Technical Features
  • Brand Ground Tech
  • Depth 20 meters
  • Guarantee 3 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Discovery SM
How To Use

The Discovery SM includes the following modes:

  • Automatic ground scanning

  • Manual ground survey

  • Dynamic scanning

  • Precise scanning

  • Realtime scan

Discovery system box with telescopic sensor.
Hard Transport Case.
AC Charger.
Car Charger.
USB Cable.
Universal plug adapter.
Carrying bag for system box.
User manual.
2 Year Warranty Certificate.
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