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Great 5000

Price: $6900.00
  • Depth: 40 Meters
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Made In: Germany
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Buy Great 5000 Metal Detector | European Technology Group

Great 5000 metal detector, we present the first device in the world with the latest technology in the world of devices, which operates (6) six search systems, to detect gold and buried treasures.

Great 5000 metal detector

The Great 5000 is one of the latest devices in the world and is a comprehensive and integrated device for all available technologies to detect various buried targets such as gold metals, treasures buried decades ago, precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, voids, caves, and groundwater.

Great 5000 metal detector parts

  • Sensor circuit
  • Wiring circuit
  • USB output
  • Audio output
  • Power button
  • Control screen base
  • Handle
  • Scan button
  • Super sensor
  • Device charger
  • Control screen
  • Main unit
  • Headphones


Great 5000 metal detector features

The device has 6 systems. How the systems work in the great 5000 metal detector:

Ionic system

It detects areas and ion fields:
  • Turn on the great 5000 metal detector.
  • Set the device horizontally for a minute until the ionic system is turned on.
  • Move the device in all directions until you reach and hear the signal.
  • Then follow the signal.
  • When it reaches the target point, the device automatically switches to the electromagnetic system.
  • If the target is underground, after pointing the device to the ground, it becomes vertical.

Electromagnetic system (acoustic system)

The great 5000 metal detector works with an electromagnetic system and detects only gold:
  • Turn on the device.
  • Fix the device for a minute vertically on the ground so that the electromagnetic system works automatically.
  • The device is almost vertically close to the ground.
  • Make sure the device is 5 to 10 centimeters above the ground.
  • Move the device from right to left in a circular motion until you receive a signal indicating gold.
  • The device emits an audible signal when you approach gold.

Great 5000 metal detector 3D scanning system

  • Turn on the device and from the File, tab open the program for the device.
  • Select the type of device I ran 5000.
  • Choose the correct port.
  • Choose the type of connection and choose the cable.
  • Choose a 3D scanning system.
  • Press OK.
  • Then choose the number of shots to take.
  • Then make sure the device is 5 to 10 cm above the ground. Take shots after every half a square meter distance.
  • or rectangle depending on the appropriate place to be searched once done, store the image and then analyze.
  • And confirm the shape in the ground and then you can specify the type of metal or the shape of the void and the depth in centimeters.
  • The red color indicates gold.
  • The yellow color indicates the presence of minerals.
  • The blue color indicates a vacuum.
  • Green indicates empty land.

Metal discrimination system

This system distinguishes between metals, gold, precious metals, and spaces. How the metal discrimination system works:
Change the system from the program from the File tab.
Select the type of device, Great 5000
Choose the correct port.
Choose the delivery method and type of delivery.
Determine the type of distinction between minerals, then press OK
Then direct the device to the ground and make sure the height of the device is from 5 to 10 cm. Move the great 5000 metal detector from right to left.
To distinguish the target on the ground here we show you the shape of an indicator
Gold in red color
The alloy is yellow in color
And blue indicates a vacuum
And the green is an empty land

Direct Horizontal Imaging System

This system is characterized by searching behind walls or doors and rocks. Horizontal imaging system:
  • Direct change the order of the program
  • Open from file
  • Select the type of device I ran 5000
  • Choose the correct port type
  • Choose the type of connection, then choose the cable
  • Specify the type of live horizontal shooting
  • Then press the OK button
  • Place the great 5000 gold detector horizontally
  • Move the device from right to left in a straight way that shows you if it is yellow or orange, the target is close, and if the concrete is gray with green in different shapes according to its shape. Color scheme:
  • Red indicates gold
  • Yellow indicates a mixture of metals
  • Green indicates rocks
  • Gray indicates concrete

The direct vertical imaging system

The system features direct imaging on the ground and also features a quick search and detection of what was on the ground:
  • You can turn on the live vertical imaging system from the File menu.
  • Open from file
  • Select the type of device I ran 5000
  • Choose the correct port type
  • Choose the type of connection, then choose the cable
  • Determine the type of direct portrait photography
  • Then press the OK button
  • Place the device perpendicular to the ground
  • Place the great 5000 metal detector vertically and make sure that the device is at a height of 5 to 10 cm and then move the device horizontally and it will show you colors indicating the minerals present if it is:
  • Red and yellow indicate gold
  • Yellow and blue indicate empty space
  • Blue and green indicate empty land
  • I ran 5000 runs at 50 meters in the vertical distance

Great 5000 metal detector program functions

  • The Devices Contain
  • The warranty card of the device is accompanied by a device number special
  • Educational video for sponsorship and education fees
  • A main unit of the device
  • Super Sensor for the device
  • Tablet & tablet base
  • Charger & headphones

Get Great 5000 Metal Detector, Buy Now With Best price from European Technology Group.

Technical Features
  • Brand Great
  • Depth 40 Meters
  • Guarantee 3 Years
  • Made In Germany
Why Great 5000
How To Use

The systems in which the device operates

  • Long-range ion system

  • Electromagnetic system

  • Ground scanning system (3D)

  • Metal discrimination system

  • Direct horizontal imaging system

  • Live vertical imaging system

User manual
Device main unit
User Manual
User Manual
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 Great 5000
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