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Nokta releases a new generation of Simplex device

Nokta releases a new generation of Simplex device

Nokta has released a new generation of its devices, making the device available in three different versions. In this article, you can learn about what has been improved compared to the old Simplex+. The most important question, of course, is what has changed compared to the previous Simplex+.

The basic features and key data of the Simplex device, which are, of course, the reason for its popularity, have been retained in all releases.

The following features are available in all versions:

  • Water resistance up to 3 meters
  • Simple operation
  • Display, switch, and file lighting
  • Numeric object identification
  • Iron and belt discrimination
  • Function identification
  • Vibrations and sound signals

In terms of connection to wireless headphones, Nokta replaced the previous wireless connection with a strong 2.4 GHz frequency. The less expensive Lite version comes without a wireless unit. In addition, the new versions provide a lighter weight than its predecessor, thanks to the improved armrest and slightly improved control unit housing, and depending on the variant, lightweight carbon-fiber connecting parts are used. The Ultra variant has some additional settings that increase performance and customization compared to the previous Simplex+.

Simplex Lite

The Simplex Lite is primarily aimed at beginners. For just 249 euros, you get a high-quality metal detector with great features for this price range. It's perfect for novice users who want to start with a cheap, reliable branded detector of good quality. The SX24 search coil (24x15 cm), which is smaller than other variants, provides very good accuracy and is therefore particularly suitable in areas with a lot of waste and trash (like beaches and playgrounds). With a weight of 1.2 kg, the Nokta Simplex Lite metal detector is very suitable for children.

Simplex BT

Simplex BT comes closest to its predecessor as it can be connected to totally wireless headphones just like the Simplex+, and comes with a 28 cm search coil and has the same range of functions. Thanks to the carbon lower link and the above-mentioned improvements to the control unit and armrest, it offers approximately 200 grams less weight compared to its predecessor. At a price of 299 euros, the Nokta Simplex BT metal detector is an ideal device for detecting metals for both beginners and advanced users.

Simplex Ultra

The Nokta Simplex Ultra metal detector comes with more lavish settings than the previous two. It not only contains up to 99 different discrimination tones, but it can also be adjusted in terms of tone thresholds, frequency, and volume. In addition, it provides the choice between two different scales for conductivity and depth setting, allowing you to adjust the stability of conductivity depending on the specific search condition. The Simplex Ultra is available for 349 euros and targets not just beginners and advanced users, but also experienced testers due to the additional setting options. It's available in a bundle with Nokta Bluetooth headphones for 429 euros.

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