Metal Detector Enthusiast Uncovers Ancient Treasures in Carrot Field
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Metal Detector Enthusiast Uncovers Ancient Treasures in Carrot Field

Metal Detector Enthusiast Uncovers Ancient Treasures in Carrot Field

A Hobby Turned Historical: Metal Detector Discovery Leads to Bronze Age Jewelry Set

Franz Zahn, the man behind the metal detector, has long traversed the fields of Güttingen, his finds ranging from the mundane to the monumental. It was in August when his routine sweep unearthed something far from typical—a metallic disc whose significance was immediately apparent. His instincts were corroborated by archaeological experts: Zahn had uncovered a sizeable jewelry collection from the Middle Bronze Age.

Soil Secrets: Archaeological Excavation Unearths 3,500-Year-Old Jewelry Ensemble

With meticulous care, a team of archaeologists returned to the site, gently lifting a soil section destined for further scrutiny within the confines of a laboratory. Their findings were nothing short of a historical treasure trove: 14 necklace pieces known as spike discs, a collection of bronze and gold spirals, a duo of rings, and a myriad of amber beads, each as small as a pinhead.

Not a Grave, but a Treasure Trove: Diverse Artifacts from the Bronze Age

Interestingly, these artifacts weren't companions to the dead but seemed to have been deliberately buried, perhaps within a container that has since perished. Accompanying these were a bronze arrowhead, teeth from beavers and bears, rock crystal, a shark tooth fossil, a small ammonite, and ore lumps, painting a broader picture of the culture and context of the era.

Ancient Elegance Captured: Metal Detector Finds Lead to Museum Exhibit

These ancient trinkets, having evaded the touch of time in a quiet Swiss field, are destined for the limelight. Following detailed documentation, analysis, and restoration, the plan is to showcase these Bronze Age marvels at the Museum of Archaeology in Frauenfeld, sharing a glimpse of the past with the world.

The fascination with this metal detector find has spread beyond the borders of Güttingen, a tranquil spot nestled 45 miles from Zurich, igniting the imaginations of history enthusiasts and metal detector aficionados alike. With each sweep of the metal detector, we are reminded of the stories lying dormant beneath our feet, waiting for the right moment to be brought back into the light.

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