A Family's Unexpected Adventure with a Metal Detector
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A Family's Unexpected Adventure with a Metal Detector

A Family's Unexpected Adventure with a Metal Detector

In a surprising turn of events, days immediately following the revelation of a man striking gold with his metal detector in Norway, another Norwegian family with a similar device chanced upon an extraordinary find. In search of a misplaced golden earring in their garden using a metal detector, the family inadvertently unearthed artifacts that date back over 1,000 years, local authorities reported.

The Aasvik family, busy tracking down the lost trinket at their residence in Jomfruland, unearthed a bowl-shaped buckle and an attached item believed to be components of a Viking-era burial as soon as their metal detector buzzed to life, according to a recent Facebook post by the Cultural Heritage of Vestfold and Telemark County Council.

Photographs shared by the Council depict the Aasvik family at the scene, holding up a delicately engraved clasp and buckle, suggesting the significant find.

"This remarkable discovery was unearthed in the heart of their garden, beneath a majestic tree," council officials stated.

The pair of metal artifacts used in a female burial ceremony from the 9th century

The pair of metal artifacts, experts speculate, were used in a female burial ceremony from the 9th century. This discovery is thought to represent the first Viking-era find in Jomfruland, a scenic island situated off Norway's southern coast.

While there was a known historical record of settlements in Jomfruland extending back several centuries, existing evidence prior to this discovery only traced back to the early Middle Ages.

The Aasvik family is being hailed by officials for their extraordinary find and their swift action in alerting the authorities regarding this valuable discovery.

"By promptly reaching out to us, they've conducted themselves perfectly," said officials.

Earlier this month, it was reported that a 51-year-old hobbyist, a recent enthusiast of metal detecting, uncovered nine pendants, three rings, and 10 gold pearls on the southern Norwegian island of Rennesoey.

Celebrating the find, Ole Madsen, Director at the Archaeological Museum at the University of Stavanger, deemed it as "the gold find of the century in Norway."

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