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Metal Finder
Metal Finder
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Metal Finder

Metal finder is any electronic device to detect various metal objects

buried underground such as ancient coins and monuments as well as different metals.

The metal finder can detect various types of metals , whether ferrous metals such as iron, steel

and magnetic metals, in addition to non-ferrous or precious metals such as gold, silver or copper ...

The depth of the search for the metal detector varies according to several factors

including the technology of searching the device, its price, its technical features

and factors related to the buried body such as the type of metal, its shape, size, soil type, etc.

Metals can be found at depths ranging from a few centimeters as in electromagnetic

devices to tens of meters as in long-range devices.


Metal Finder Uses

gold detector has many practical applications for various tasks

related to the search for any metal buried underground.

Here are some of these applications and uses:

- Search for golden treasures buried for hundreds of years

- Find old coins made of gold, silver or copper

- Discover metal objects such as cooking utensils - ancient weapons swords, for example

- Natural gold ore detection

- Discover all kinds of different metals minerals.

- Magnetic (ferrous) metal detection including iron, steel and pipes.


Metal Finder Technologies

Electromagnetic Devices

Use a search coil for performing direct in-location scan of buried metallic

objects such as coin or small relic

It has short depth range however it is the cheapest metal detectors

as it comes at economical prices suitable for all prospectors beginners and professionals.

Examples about these devices : klayzer max 2D


3D Imaging Devices

3D Imaging metal finders use a probe for performing detailed 3D ground scan

for specific search area, the results presented on a screen of a tablet or smart phone or computer.

These devices has a deep scan range about 5 -20 meter and considered

most accurate devices suitable for professional treasure hunters.

Example: EVO – EXP 6000

Long-Range Metal Detectors


It uses antennas like in old radios for receiving signals from underground

buried objects such as old weapons like swords ,daggers , big treasures…

It has a wide scan range plus deep depth that can reach about 10-20 meters

which are simply unreachable by other detectors from other technologies

Examples: klayzer Gr pro


Metal Finder and Gold Finder Price  


Metal Finder price
klayzer Gr Pro 5500 $
Klayzer Max 2D 2100 $


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