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Metal Detector Price

metal detector price is one of the most important factors that play an important role for the prospector when he wants to buy a new device

Metal Detector Price

Metal Detector Price

metal detector  price is one of the most important factors

that play an important role for the prospector

when he wants to buy a new device.

metal detector price is linked to a combination of factors

and features including search technology in the device

plus brand and the maximum depth and accessories

and additional add-ons attached to the device

and many other factors.

Factors Affecting Metal Detector Price

In this section we present a quick overview of the

most important factors and parameters that

significantly affect the final price of the metal detector

Search Technology

The search or detection technology of the metal detector

is a key factor in determining its price and final cost to the user.

Example:  Very Low-frequency (VLF) metal detectors

are the most common and cheap gold and metal detectors

because they do not require significant costs when produced.

In contrast, 3D imaging metal detectors are very expensive

because of the cost of technology and special equipment

needed to carry out search and exploration.

Device Features

With a simple word, the metal detector has better features

the higher its price.

There are a wide range of features that have a greater

impact on the final price of the metal detector.

Here is a brief overview of some of these features


Quality is an important factor affecting the metal detector price.

Top quality metal detectors which offer you great performance

and a bunch of top features will cost more.


This is an indication of how metal detector can reach

to find or detect golden objects or gold nuggets.

The depth should be one of your foremost considerations

when choosing a metal detector.

The greater the depth, the more expensive

the metal detector device of course.


It is important in the metal detector that there is a feature

of metal identification or discrimination

, in which the possibility of giving the user a clear idea

whether the target discovered is gold or other metal.

This can be done through a certain sound tone issued

by the device or ID number that show on the detector

screen or by ignoring a particular field of search range

as in electromagnetic metal detectors.

Or it is possible to distinguish visually as in the imaging devices,

where it is clearly displayed on the computer screen or on the screen

of the device as in the device Invenio the golden object in a special color

Metal Detector Price

So how much do metal detector cost?

How much is the metal detector price?

You can find metal detector which is as cheap

as $500 for simple limited features ,

But you could spend as much as 10.000 $ or more

on some professional metal detectors that come

with high depth range and professional features.

As a general rule the better the performance and more features of the device,

the higher the price that you will have to pay for it.


Best Metal Detector Prices :

Metal Detector


Klayzer Gr Pro 5500 $
klayzer Max 2D 2100 $
GPZ 7000 7900 $


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It is also important to consider additional factors such as shipping costs and discounts which have a huge influence on price. Metal detectors are one-off investments which do not require monthly maintenance and with the potential great payoff in case you dig out a valuable relic.

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