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Metal Detector Machine

Metal Detector Machine is an electronic device for the detection of underground metal objects such as ancient coins, ancient weapons and small monuments.

Metal Detector Machine

Metal Detector Machine

Metal detector machine is an electronic device dedicated to the detection of metals and underground metal objects such as ancient coins, ancient weapons and small monuments.

Types of metal devices vary from small and inexpensive beginners to metal detectors for professional prospectors and archaeologists that cost thousands of dollars.

The search systems in metal detectors vary greatly and include electromagnetic, imaging and long-range locator devices.

Metal Detector Machine Uses

Metal detector machine includes multipurpose applications, which include many metal detection tasks like relic hunting, coin shooting and so on.

The following list include some useful uses:

  • Detect all precious metals like silver – copper – gold
  • Gold prospecting for natural gold nuggets
  • Find buried gold treasures such as rings - bracelets – coins …
  • Find lost metallic objects in parks and on beaches
  • Detection of ferrous metals including iron, steel and pipes.
  • Coin shooting of ancient coins made of gold or silver…

Metal Detector Machine Systems

Long-Range System Detectors

Use a search antenna like in old radios for capture of received signals from underground-buried metallic objects such as small coins or big treasure. It has a big front scan range about 2000 meter, and depth till 20 meters in some devices.

Examples: klayzer Gr Pro

klayzer Gr Pro

Are you thinking of a technology capable of detecting raw gold, minerals and treasures as well? if you want to get all this and everything that is precious and buried underground, you only need to buy this metal detector machine if you are looking for a metal detector for sale.

This device is unique and equipped with five different systems to detect gold, metals and precious treasures in the ground. It is also capable of working in all types of terrain and is capable of detecting minerals even in basalt and mineral rocks.

Device Features

This device uses the most efficient detection systems, as it uses high-frequency wave technologies that can detect up to 20 meters deep, in addition to forward detection technology, which reaches up to 2 kilometers.

This metal detector machine comes with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use color screen, 2D technology and many other features. It will provide you with the ability to exclude iron and iron containing minerals allowing you to detect only precious metals.

The device can explore gold to great depths and in the most difficult areas and has a high ability to work in difficult conditions as well.

The metal detector machine has a high ability to distinguish between different metals with many different detection systems. Its system provides the user with the opportunity to detect with a minimum margin of error even in difficult weather conditions and even if the explorer is inexperienced.

The system is characterized by high accuracy in exploring the location of the target in close distances with the ability to survey large areas.

Electromagnetic Metal Detectors

It use a search coil includes an electronic coils for detection of buried metallic objects. The most common technologies used are:

  1. Very low frequency (VLF)
  2. Pulse induction technology (PI).

These devices offer a short depth range (less than 3 meters). However, it comes at economical price suitable for all prospectors.

Example: Nokta Impact – Equinox – Minelab Vanquish

Minelab Vanquish

The most outstanding metal detector machine for the serious seeker of superior and powerful performance. The device feature is the ability to control iron signals with a red LED backlight and rechargeable batteries. In addition, the device comes with a 12-inch waterproof search coil to enable you to explore at a greater depth. No matter where your search takes you, this is the ultimate detector that will give you the chance to explore on your terms.

No matter what you are looking for, Vanquish will help you find it. Simply select one of the four search modes to begin your journey of discovery.

Each mode is pre-programmed and developed to give you the best performance anytime, anywhere: park, playground or beach.

The device will give you the best performance even in difficult terrain. It works ashore in wet sand and salt water, outperforming other detectors that cannot compete in these terrains and conditions.

Device Features
  • Capable of exploring all minerals in all types of soil at any time.
  • Capable of working in all terrains.
  • This metal detector machine will help you no matter the circumstances so just focus on finding your target and don't worry about anything else with it.
  • Search modes are pre-programmed to give you the best performance anytime, anywhere: Park, Field or Beach mode.
  • Outperforms competition detectors on beach, wet sand, and salt water.
  • With 25 discrimination segments, the device gives you the ability to control the type of metals you want to detect or reject.
  • More treasures, less trash.
  • The device will give you automatic noise cancellation, lag-free audio response, and 10 more settings to give you more control over the search process.
  • Coils water resistant to 1 meter (3.3 feet) with included rain cover.
  • Red LED backlight to aid visibility in low light.

3D Imaging Metal Detectors

3D Imaging metal detectors use a specific probe for performing a 3D ground scan for specific area, the results presented on a screen of a tablet or smart phone or computer, inside a 3D analysis software used to display a 3D structure of scanned area.

These devices are characterized by high accuracy and coverage of a wide field of scan and multiple features that ensure the accurate results for the professional prospector.

Example: Nokt inveno pro

Nokt inveno pro

Inveno is the latest and completely new metal detector machine from Nokta, which will revolutionize the world of detecting precious metals and antiquities thanks to the special research technology in the device, which has global patents.

The Inveno metal detector machine from the Turkish company Nokta - Macro is the most powerful modern imaging technology for metal detection, gold search and underground archaeological exploration.

The credit for this is due to the patented 3D ground scanning technology, which provides the possibility of knowing the exact shape of the metal target buried underground and displaying it directly in a graphical form on the advanced device screen.

This smart technology was integrated into the special search disk enhanced with a special unit to track the movement of the disk and record its coordinates to give an accurate perception of the buried target, its dimensions and shape, and accurately know its location within the discovery area.

The Inveno device offers the features and functions that any prospector and treasure hunter desires within an integrated device, such as knowing the type of the target’s buried metal and knowing its depth before digging and the large search depth that reaches up to 5 meters and other features.

The Inveno gold detector was developed to be a multi-use device for various applications, and it can also be used by different groups of prospectors and researchers to discover buried gold treasures, traces of ancient civilizations, voids, caves, tunnels, and more.

Device search technology

The search coil equipped with special electric coils passes the electric current generated by the battery in the main control unit within it, and this results in an electromagnetic field with a large capacity in order to achieve a greater search depth compared to traditional devices.

When the electromagnetic field collides with a buried metal object such as an old coin, a metal statue, or a large box, the field signal bounces back in the form of another inverted electromagnetic field that is received by a receiver coil within the disk. The data of this field is converted digitally and the signal is processed within the main unit of the search disk unit and after digital processing.

The data is transmitted wirelessly to the screen unit that contains a color display screen. Where the data is processed and presented in the form of a three-dimensional spatial graphic that displays detailed information about the targets in the scanned area. So that the location information and drawing the exact shape depends on the location tracking data coming from the integrated position-tracking unit IPTU, which its data is also transmitted wirelessly to the display unit.

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Metal detector machine include multipurpose applications include many metal detection tasks including, relic hunting, coin shooting and so on.

People Ask
  • What is the difference between metal detector machine and gold detectors?

    Gold is a metal, so metal detector machine are able to find gold as well, and vice versa, gold detectors are also capable of detecting different metals. Explorers, who are looking to find a wide variety of metals including antiquities, antiques, coins and jewelry including silver and gold, mainly use metal detector machine.

  • What is the difference between gold and raw gold?

    Much of the gold mined is actually raw gold and not actual gold. Raw gold is often brown, or contained within massive, white, iron-containing quartz rocks, and these stones usually contain only a small percentage of gold. To make gold, raw gold gems are crushed and then the gold is separated in different ways.

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