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Metal Detector Machine
2020-08-25 10:32

Metal Detector Machine

Metal Detector Machine is an electronic device dedicated to

the detection of metals and underground metal objects

such as ancient coins, ancient weapons and small monuments.

Types of metal devices vary from small and inexpensive beginners

to metal detectors for professional prospectors and archaeologists that cost thousands of dollars.

The search systems in metal detectors vary greatly and include electromagnetic

, imaging and long range locator devices.


Metal Detector Machine Uses

Metal detector machine include multipurpose applications

include many metal detection tasks including, relic hunting, coin shooting and so on.

The following list include some useful uses:

  • Detect all precious metals like silver – copper – gold
  • Gold prospecting for natural gold nuggets
  • Find buried gold treasures such as rings - bracelets – coins …
  • Find lost metallic objects in parks and on beaches
  • Detection of ferrous metals including iron, steel and pipes.
  • Coin shooting of ancient coins made of gold or silver…


Metal Detector Machine Systems


Long-Range System Detectors

use a search antennas like in old radios for capture of  received signals

from underground buried metallic objects such as small coins or big treasure .

It has a big front scan range about 2000 meter, and depth till 20 meters in some devices .

Examples: klayzer Gr Pro 

Electromagnetic Metal Detectors

It use a  search coil incudes an electronic coils for detection of buried metallic objects.

The most common technologies used are

1 - Very low frequency (VLF)

2 - pulse induction technology (PI).

These devices offer a short depth range (less than 3 meters)

but comes at economical price suitable for all prospectors.

Example: Nokta Impact – Equinox – Minelab Vanquish


3D Imaging Metal Detectors

3D Imaging metal detectors use a specific probe for performing

a 3D ground scan for specific area, the results presented on a screen

of a tablet or smart phone or computer, inside a 3D analysis software

used to display a 3D structure of scanned area.

These devices are characterized by high accuracy and coverage

of a wide field of scan and multiple features that ensure the

accurate results for the professional prospector.

Example: Rover C4- Nokt inveno pro

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