Did you know that gold detection devices have been known for more than 200 years?
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The date of the discovery of gold detection devices

The date of the discovery of gold detection devices

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, is also the first inventor of the metal detector. This device was developed in 1881, and the motivation behind its development was an attempt to assist in locating a bullet that hit American President James Garfield after a failed assassination attempt.

After the initial trial of this new device, its use became widespread in many fields. The technology of the metal detector has changed over time, but fundamentally it still relies on the principles laid out by Bell. The device is currently used in many fields, ranging from archaeological exploration to providing security in schools and airports.

In conclusion, Bell's invention of the metal detector is an example of his excellence in the field of innovation and technology. It shows how technology can follow the developments of the world and have a positive impact on many people's lives.

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