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Hand Held Metal Detector
Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand-held metal detector is a small-sized hand-held metal detector within a short and close search range of only a few centimeters.

Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand-held metal detector is a small-sized  metal detector

however with a short and close search range of only a few centimeters.

Hand-held metal detectors are used at airports, seaports and public transport

by police or security personnel to search people for weapons, dangerous

metal parts hidden or explosives.

Many manufacturers of metal detectors make this type of equipment, which is usually cheap also .

So the principle of operation of these devices depends on the electronic circuit

within the handheld device, which is small in size and the circuit sends

electromagnetic signals then when collided with a metal body reflect the

electromagnetic signal received by the circuit in the device .

then based on the presence of the metal device issued a sound alert to the user or lighting

a small bulb within the device. In the absence of metal, the device does not sound an alarm.


Hand Held Metal Detectors Examples


Super Scanner® V Hand-Held Metal Detector

Garrett’s Super Scanner is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world.

Super Scanner V has both audible and silent vibrating alarm options and extended battery life.

The device offer ultimate sensitivity: detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance;

large knife from 6"; razor blades and box cutters from 3" distance;

foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1".


SuperWand® Hand-Held Metal Detector

The SuperWand’s 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity

and also tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy.

So the device ideal for airports to sporting events, the lightweight SuperWand is

the hand-held of choice for today’s security screener.


Nokta Ultra Scanner

Ultra Scanner, with its ultimate sensitivity, fast response time,

light and ergonomic design also is the most ideal hand-held detector

for ultra-safety and security.

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