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Gold Metal Detector

Gold metal detector is used to detect metal objects andobjects made of metals such as gold or silver that are buried underground.

Gold Metal Detector

Gold Metal Detector

Gold metal detector from European Technology Group is used to detect metal objects and

objects made of metals such as gold or silver that are buried underground.

Gold metal detector is an electronic device that works according to

a certain technology in order to detect or capture the signals of any metal

target underground, for example a coin - gold jewelry - old weapons ...

There is a special category of metal detectors called gold detectors

are provided with features and characteristics suitable for the discovery of gold,

whether natural or industrial gold.

Gold Metal Detector Uses

- Natural gold detection located underground in the form of small granules

or rocks made of other metals or in the form of gold veins.

- Treasure hunting to find ancient buried treasures such as a jar filled with gold coins

, a golden statue or a sword of gold, jewelry such as rings, ornaments…

- Archaeological finding of valuable ancient treasures and relics

- Find any object made of metal


Gold Metal Detector Examples

Nokta Impact detector

Impact gold detector designed by the Turkish company Nokta,

which is famous for its high-quality practical devices and cheap prices.

This device used for searching and detecting for gold and ancient coins

and small relics and some of the metals underground.

The Impact gold detector considered as the first multi-frequency device,

which makes the user be able to use one of three different frequencies,

and it has 12 custom search modes.

You can search for various large and small targets by this device.

This device is not as any other devices because it comes in a specific

frequency of search, which suitable for limited applications and different conditions.

You can use the device for various metal and gold detectors in different natural terrain

You will find that Impact device has multi-purpose, and it is a reliable device,

which every treasure hunter and gold prospector wants.

This device is so lightweight and it is easy for you to install and use it.

The device is also suitable for any new prospectors, hobbyists and even professionals.


EVO metal detector

Evo is a convenient alternative to the Rover C4 for any excavator

and researcher thanks to its price compared to the price of the Rover C4.

However, the device offers excellent performance in prospecting and

metal detection to an excellent depth of up to 8 meters underground,

thus discovering most of the buried treasures, metal objects, ancient coins and voids easily.

The imaging technology of the device is similar to the Rover C4,

but with the advantage of small size of the sensor and light weight helps

to conduct scanning without fatigue and effort within the search fields.


Nokta Invenio

The new Invenio is developed with all-new technology not

available in any gold metal detector.

For the first time in the imaging device to recognize the shape

of the buried targets and display them with great accuracy

where the device can give the correct shape of the target, for example a small piece of metal or square plate or rectangle of steel, for example, an iron rod or a pipe with a large thickness ..

The device has a display unit that includes a screen that displays all the scanning information directly without the need for a computer.



OKM Rover C4 gold metal detector can be considered the best device

for archaeological exploration, treasure detection and the search

for precious metals underground.

Thanks to the imaging system available in the device through two different

sensors for three-dimensional  scanning with a technology that gives accurate results.

After scanning by sensors, the information stored and transmitted wirelessly

to the tablet pc supplied with the device for 3D display of results.

Rover C4 is a professional device recommended for archaeologists

and treasure finders thanks to its ease of use and reliable correct results,

providing the user with the knowledge of the shape, depth and exact position

of any underground metal object.

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Gold metal detectors vary according to several criteria including search technology, method of work, price of the device, depth range and many other parameters. The price of the gold metal detector varies according to the previous factors and prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for professional devices.

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