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Gold Detector Machine
Gold Detector Machine

Gold detector machine an electronic device designed to detect gold undergroundeither in the form of natural ore gold or gold made.

Gold Detector Machine

Gold detector machine is any electronic device designed to detect gold underground

either in the form of natural ore gold or gold made for example jewelry or coins.

The types of gold detectors are different according to different factors

such as research technology, device uses, price range and different technical features.

The gold detector machine allows the prospector to detect the gold metal

with either audio, visual or analogue indicators to indicate the detection of gold

and some devices give ample information about the buried target

such as depth and exact position.


Gold Detector Machine Uses

- Detection of raw natural gold located underground

in the form of small granules or rocks made of other metals

or in the form of gold veins.

- Find ancient buried treasures such as a jar filled with gold coins,

a golden statue or a sword of gold.

- Search for historical archaeological coins made of gold and of great value.


Gold Detector Machine Types


Electromagnetic Devices

It relies on a disk containing electronic coils that generate a magnetic field

sent towards the ground and reflected in the form of another field to be received

by the receiving coil, which converts the signal to a digital signal represented

on the screen in the form of a target ID and also in the form of a sound tone

can be allocated in some devices

Example: Gold Monster 1000 - Impact 


3D Imaging Detectors


It relies on a probe dedicated to conducting a 3D scan of the ground

in the search area, where measurements of each point of the scan lines are recorded.

This gives greater benefit to treasure hunters by knowing the exact position, depth

and shape of each target buried in the discovered land.

Example: Nokta Invenio -


Long Range Detectors


These devices rely on antennas that scan long-range from long distances.

according to the direction of potential targets, their directions change to

show the user the exact position of the target. The depth calculated by specific method.

The advantage of these devices to pre-select the target to be searched

such as gold and capture signals of this type only.

Example: klayzer Gr pro

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