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German Gold Detectors
German Gold Detectors

German gold detectors are metal detectors manufactured by German companies.It is characterized by high quality in terms of the manufacturing and performance

German Gold Detectors


German gold detectors are metal detectors manufactured by German companies.

German gold detectors are characterized by high quality in terms of the elaborate industry

of high quality materials as well as the quality of electronic components in addition to

excellent performance in the detection of metals in general and gold in particular.

There are many German companies that manufacture devices to detect gold

and metals and these devices vary according to the search system and technology

work and price and depth and other factors also.

German gold detectors are sold worldwide through a network of authorized

distributors of manufacturers or through local agents and re-sellers.

Despite the high prices of German gold detectors, it represents the best investment

of money for a serious prospector who wants to ensure accurate results

in the discovery of treasures buried underground also.


German Gold Detectors Companies

OKM Company

OKM company is the first name in the world in the field of professional metal detectors

especially 3D imaging devices called ground scanners.

So the devices of this company varies and includes many devices ranging from

amateur devices for beginners to professional-level devices also dedicated to archaeologists

and companies specialized in mining and gold mines.

Here we give some overview about some devices from OKM company :


Evolution NTX

Evolution NTX incorporates easy-to-use imaging technology and is effective

in scanning the ground to a good depth of up to 10 meters underground

and thus large coverage of any buried treasure and the most important

point is the possibility to see the targets visually through the screen of the

tablet attached with the device.



Rover c4 the advanced German gold and metal detector

is a superb device for professional prospectors designed

with high performance in all fields of metal detectors.

Thus , Rover C4 uses 3D imaging technology to search where it uses a

special search probe that scans the ground in a vacuum.

So, 3D imaging technology gives accurate and visible results that

cannot be obtained with ordinary metal detectors and

offers very large depths up to approximately 20 meters also.


EXP 6000

EXP 6000 most professional metal detector ever ,

an all in one solution for all gold prospectors ,

treasure hunters , archaeologists , mining companies and so on.

So Exp 6000 has a professional level features and accessories

that fit any task and application for every pro user in all countries around the world.

EXP 6000 made in Germany by OKM , most trusted name

in field of ground scanners and professional equipment for treasure hunting .

However the device relies on the 3D imaging scanning technology powered by

an array of multiple probes and accessories suitable for a vast range of fields of mineral exploration also.


Klayzer Technology Company :

Klayzer Technology is an established company in the business of the production of metal and gold detector

as well as underground water detectors.


Our company is based in Germany, Hanover.


The city is known as The German Fairground.

Klayzer Technology's products and activities are regulated by


German law and subject to quality measures of the European Union.


Engineers and technical staff work continuously to develop new detector technology


We also employ a strict quality control policy to ensure that our devices

will live for many years in top condition.


These efforts have resulted in two of the most important and reliable metal detectors in the market

The Klayzer GR Pro and The Klayzer Max 2d.


klayzer GR Pro :


klayzer gr pro is a unique gold and metal detector that uses

vlf technology that delivers correct results and greater depth

than conventional electromagnetic devices.

This high-quality German machine from klayzer technology has a unique metal detector

performance in various natural terrain.

In addition to the long range system and vlf,

Klayzer GR Pro features a special data processing unit Give a prospector an idea of the type of metal discovered.


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