Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices 2023
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Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices 2023
Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices

German gold detectors are characterized by high quality in terms of the elaborate industry of high quality materials as well as the quality of electronic components in addition to excellent performance in the detection of metals in general and gold in particular.

German gold detectors are sold worldwide through a network of authorized distributors of manufacturers or through local agents and re-sellers.

Despite the high prices of German gold detectors, it represents the best investment of money for a serious prospector who wants to ensure accurate results in the discovery of treasures buried underground also.

Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices 2023 | Eurotechnology Group

German gold detectors are metal detectors manufactured by German companies. It is characterized by high quality in terms of the manufacturing and performance

Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices 2023

Best Germany gold detectors: devices and companies

There are many German companies that manufacture german gold detectors and metals and these devices vary according to the search system and technology work and price and depth and other factors also.

Klayzer Company

Klayzer Technology is an established company in the business of the production of German gold detectors as well as underground water detectors. Our company is based in Germany, Hanover. The city is known as The German Fairground.

Klayzer Technology's products and activities are regulated by German law and subject to quality measures of the European Union. Engineers and technical staff work continuously to develop new detector technology. We also employ a strict quality control policy to ensure that our devices will live for many years in top condition. These efforts have resulted in two of the most important and reliable metal detectors in the market Klayzer GR Pro and Klayzer Max 2d.

Klayzer GR Pro: Best german gold detector

The efficiency and quality of the gold and metal detectors are generally measured by the capabilities in it, the ease of use and its efficiency in searching for the desired target underground, determining its type, the distance between it and the surface of the earth, and the ability to distinguish between valuables and non-valuable objects. All these advantages are found in Klayzer GR Pro.

Klayzer GR Pro is one of the best German gold detectors, specially designed for prospectors, treasure hunters and all kinds of researchers in order to achieve the best performance and obtain the most accurate results.

Klayzer GR Pro gold detector includes search systems for gold detection and the best in metal search technology in recent years with a highly advanced technology that has won global patents because it is the first technology of this type.

Features of the Klayzer GR Pro
  • Klayzer GR Pro is one of the German gold detectors which equipped with technology that works according to the 2D system.
    The device is versatile and equipped with a color display and a very easy control system.
  • With it, you can find small gold nuggets, weighing up to a gram, which are also buried under the ground and in the water.
  • The device is ahead of the rest of the devices in its class in terms of ease of use, ease of disassembly and reassembly.
  • It has superior performance and is very ideal for prospecting for gold ore and ancient coins as well.
  • Klayzer GR Pro is one of the most popular detectors that attract all kinds of prospectors and gold enthusiasts who are seeking to get an antiquities machine for sale in Palestine.
  • The detector comes with an oscilloscope and a detection system with dual 2D technology and thanks to this feature, the device is able to read the results, detect cavities, draw them directly and convert them into 2D graphics.
  • Klayzer GR Pro has been developed to obtain precise and visible results in the shortest possible time.
  • The problem of ground balancing in this device has been resolved and the automatic balancing feature has been added, as the device can be calibrated with the detected ground through automatic or manual identification settings quite easily, and in this way prospectors can obtain gold with professional performance even in the most difficult terrain.

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OKM Company

OKM Company is the first name in the world in the field of professional metal detectors especially 3D imaging devices called ground scanners.

So the devices of this company varies and includes many devices ranging from amateur devices for beginners to professional-level devices also dedicated to archaeologists and companies specialized in mining and gold mines. Here we give some overview about some devices from OKM Company:

Geo Seeker: Best german gold detector

Let your curiosity guide you to the unexplored depths with the unparalleled excellence of the OKM Geo Seeker, a top-tier product from one of the prominent brands in the industry. With a significant heritage that is rooted in the heart of Germany, the Geo Seeker adds a new dimension of efficiency to your treasure hunting expeditions.

The OKM Geo Seeker stands tall amongst its peers, setting a new benchmark for other detectors to follow. Its capacity to delve 250 meters underground displays its remarkable prowess that is sure to amaze both novice treasure hunters and seasoned professionals. This depth of detection ensures that no precious metal, particularly gold, goes unnoticed.

Specially crafted to endure, the OKM Geo Seeker comes with a 3-year guarantee. This warranty period underlines the confidence OKM holds in the durability and longevity of its products, providing you the peace of mind and reassurance you need when making your investment. Thus, you not only get a device of unparalleled performance but also the certainty of a dependable after-sales service for an extended period.

Device features

Handmade with precision in Germany, this outstanding metal detector represents a pinnacle of German engineering. The meticulous design and superior building material speak volumes about its quality, emphasizing its position as the 'best German gold detector.' Its intuitive User Interface truly enhances the user experience, making it easy even for beginners to get started on their treasure-hunting journey.

To top it all, the OKM Geo Seeker isn't limited to just gold or precious metal detection. It beautifully doubles up as a water detector device, which further broadens its operational scope. Coupled with the 3D analysis feature, it becomes an advantageous tool for archeologists and researchers, allowing for a detailed study of the structures and deposits hidden deep underground.

OKM Geo Seeker redefines the essence of gold detection, combining years of craftsmanship with the leading-edge technology. Experience the thrill of the bounty hunt with the surety and precision of Germany's best gold detector, bringing innovation and reliability to dig the secrets hidden deep beneath the surface.

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Lorenz Company

When you're looking for the best provider of gold detection equipment, the name Lorenz stands at the forefront. The Lorenz Gold Detector Company, based in Germany, has been delivering excellence for years, proving its unwavering commitment to premium-quality detection technology.

The company is known for its innovative approach and dedication to creating products that allow professionals and hobbyists alike to transform their gold treasure hunting experiences.

Lorenz Gold Detector Company is characterized by its deep-rooted German craftsmanship and engineering, combined with modern technology. Their passion for research and development leads to the continuous innovation of gold detection devices. The company’s history is a testament to its dedication, showcasing how they've consistently upheld their promise of offering the best in detection technology.

Lorenz Z2: Best german gold detector

Crafted in the heartlands of Germany and echoing the legacy of superior craftsmanship, Lorenz presents the Lorenz Z2, an offering wrapped in robust functionality and enveloping trust. Imbibed with an intuitive LCD screen that provides crystal clear visibility and straightforward navigation, this device is purpose-built to administer efficient operations under challenging conditions.

The Lorenz Z2 stands out as a model of exceptional performance, owing its prowess to a robust design that allows the device to operate flawlessly up to an impressive depth of 5 metres. This makes it an ideal tool for explorers, divers, researchers, and those in professions where depth penetration is paramount.

Another key aspect of the Lorenz Z2 is its resilience in terms of waterproof design. Whether you're initiating underwater expeditions or working in damp surroundings, the Z2 stands by you, thriving in such environments without flinching at exposure to water. This quality, powered by advanced German engineering, ensures your exploration efforts are never hampered, come rain, or high water.

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The Best Gold Detectors In The World

European Technology Group is the first company in the world specialized in gold detectors and metal detectors. The company is located in Germany, the world's most powerful industrial country with high-quality industries.
Best prices, fast shipping services to all over the world, and online after-sales training service by a team of specialized engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions and inquiries about Best Germany Gold Detectors Devices 2023

What is the sensitivity of the gold detector and how is it set?

Sensitivity control in metal detectors is the most misused control element on the device. People usually set the sensitivity to its maximum level and this does not always allow for maximum detector operation. Think of sensitivity control as the accelerator pedal in a car. You are not driving everywhere at full speed. The stated speed limits are for normal conditions. However, what about rain, snow, and high winds? Of course, you are reducing your speed. Likewise, you should adjust sensitivity control for different conditions. Heavy earth mineralization, nearby transducers, and nearby radio stations are all reasons to reduce the sensitivity. Although you may experience a slight loss of depth, you may miss more good targets than you think by listening to false signals and high-sensitivity chatter.

Why do the experienced metal detectorists use headphones?

Headphones reduce outside noise (wind, waves, traffic, etc.). Also enhance the audio target signal, which help to determine the targets to dig and which targets to ignore. Overall, the good set of headphones will improve the number of the good targets and reduce the time you spend digging trash. The headphones also reduce distractions and keep you from attracting unwanted attentions.

What features make the best German gold detector stand out?

The best German gold detector stands out due to its unique sensor technology capable of detecting tiny gold pieces, high-resolution 3D graphics for accurate display of detection results, user-friendly interface, and robust construction ideal for various terrains.

How does the best German gold detector work?

The best German gold detector uses pulse induction technology, broadband transmission, and mu-metal shielding to detect the presence of gold explicitly. It emits electromagnetic fields into the ground, and upon striking gold, the device picks up the reflection of these fields.

Is using the best German gold detector legal in all places?

While the use of the best German gold detector is generally legal, certain areas may have restrictions or require special permissions for metal detecting to protect archaeological and historic sites. Users are advised to check local regulations before using the detector.

How practical is the use of the best German gold detector for everyday people?

Using the best German gold detector can be quite practical, whether for professional treasure hunters, geologists, or hobbyists. These detectors are known for their precision and durability, making them a worthy investment for anyone interested in metal detecting.


German gold detectors are sold worldwide through a network of authorized distributors of manufacturers or through local agents and re-sellers. Despite the high prices of German gold detectors, it represents the best investment of money for a serious prospector who wants to ensure accurate results in the discovery of treasures buried underground also.

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