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Klayzer Technology

Located in the heart of Hanover, famously dubbed as the "German Fairground," the Klayzer detectors company specializes in providing top-notch metal, gold, and underground water detectors. In this competitive industry, the Klayzer company adheres to German laws and maintains rigorous quality benchmarks set by the European Union.

Harnessing innovation: Unveiling the next generation of detection technology

The team of engineers and technical staff at the Klayzer gold detectors passionately work towards continuous innovation in detection technology. Each product we develop aims to redefine possibilities and enhance results for our users. A strict quality control policy guides our approach to ensure the utmost quality and longevity. This commitment to excellence resulted in creating two leading detector devices: the Klayzer GR Pro and the Klayzer Max 2d.

Mission Statement: The Klayzer gold detectors promise

At the Klayzer Company, honesty and integrity are much more than mere words. They shape our interactions with customers and form a significant part of our foundation. Continually seeking new, beneficial strategies for the broader community is integral to our mission. Our commitment to top-tier business management, customer service, and robust quality control ensures we always deliver what's best for all.

Klayzer detectors for sale - quality and reliability

Experience the high-quality, reliable metal detectors that the Klayzer company offers, complete with free maintenance services for all our devices. Benefit from comprehensive, practical training courses that enhance your user experience.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any queries. Let us guide you on your journey to uncover treasures.

Klayzer Gr Pro

Denken Sie über eine Technologie zur Erkennung von Gold, Rohgold, Mineralien und Schätzen nach? Wenn Sie das herausholen möchten, was sich im Boden befindet...

Tiefe 3 Meter ...
Garantie 3 Jahre
MADE IN Deutschland
Klayzer Max 2D

Der Klayzer Max 2D-Detektor ist ein Mehrzweckgerät mit herausragender Leistung und eignet sich perfekt für den Abbau von Gold, Erzgold und alten Münzen.

Tiefe 3 Meter
Garantie 3 Jahre
MADE IN Deutschland
Fragen & Antworten
  • Does Klayzer provide guarantee on its products?

    Klayzer Technologies guarantees exceptional quality and reliability on their gold detectors for all esteemed customers. Be it products procured directly from the company or our trustworthy distributors, each device goes through rigorous quality control tests before shipping. As a result, every Klayzer detector arrives ready to use. In case of any unforeseen issues, we urge our customers to reach out to our customer service for assistance. They will offer guidelines for needed repairs or potential replacement.

  • What is the Klayzer detectors prices?

    Klayzer Technology detectors prices range between 2000$ -5500$.

  • Can Klayzer gold detectors discover gold nuggets?

    Absolutely, Klayzer gold detectors are crafted with extraordinary precision, capable of identifying gold nuggets, even those minute ones weighing under a gram, with ease. Among these top-tier models, the Klayzer GR Pro and Klayzer Max 2D particularly stand out for such finest detection capabilities.


  • How Do VLF metal detectors work?

    VLF metal detectors utilize a pair of finely balanced coils to operate. The external coil acts as a transmitter, establishing a magnetic field through alternating current. The presence of metallic objects disrupts this magnetic field, a process sensed and registered by the internal or 'receiver' coil. This detection is then amplified and converted into audio signals. To distinguish between different types of metallic objects, these detectors deploy phase demodulators, an integral part of their design.

  • Can Klayzer gold detectors operate underwater?

    The performance of metal detectors can vary in diverse weather conditions. Some models, however, like the Klayzer Max 2D and Klayzer GR Pro from Klayzer Technologies, are designed to function effectively under all terrain and weather environments, even underwater. They uphold their precision even under snowy weather, unlike some other models which can falter and offer inaccurate readings due to a lack of waterproofing.

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