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Buy metal detector if you want to discover buried treasures like ancient coins, precious gold jewelry and priceless archaeological treasures.

Buy Metal Detector

Buy Metal Detector

The purchase of metal detectors has become widespread in recent years due to the availability of these devices and ease of use, also as it has become a popular hobby for many amateurs and treasure hunters.

Buy a metal detector that helps you achieve your goals so that the device is suitable for you in terms of features, price, depth and various other factors.

How you can buy metal detector?

You can buy metal detector from a variety of sources, including manufacturers in a few cases, through authorized distributors of manufacturers or through local agents and re-sellers.

But it is preferably to visit the headquarters and galleries of companies specialized in the sale of metal detectors to get a closer idea of ​​the devices available and their techniques and how to work and experiment in practice and then choose a device that suits your financial budget.

With the diversity of metal detectors and the variety of types, however the purchase of a device is puzzling for any new prospector in this area.

The choice of the right device is based on several considerations, including the expected maximum search depth, price range, ease of use and other features

The new prospector can buy metal detector device through specialized companies in selling gold detectors and metal detectors of various types according to several options.

So metal detector companies provide a wide range of devices from a variety of international brands with different specifications and at very different prices also.

However, most customers prefer to communicate with these companies remotely via phone or e-mail and then agree to buy a specific device to be determined by the customer and communicate to complete the payment process and the process of shipping and delivery.

Best examples to buy metal detector

Best metal detectors for amateurs: Klayzer Gr Pro

Good metal detectors for beginners: Kruzer – Gold Monster 1000

Cheap metal detector: Nokta Makro simplex

Multipurpose metal detectors with good price: Impact Pro

Professional metal detectors for treasure hunters: Rover C4 – Exp 6000

buy gold detector Simplex device

The Turkish company Nokta has manufactured the Simplex device, which is a distinctive device that is small in size, high performance and at an economical price. It is considered the cheapest gold detector and is suitable for all prospectors, novice researchers and those interested in the field of metal detection.

The most important feature of the device is the price at which the device will be offered, as its price is much lower than the prices of the devices available in the market.

But this does not mean that the device is for beginners and amateurs only, but it has features that compete with more expensive devices.

The device comes with other features such as ease of installation, simplicity of the device software, preset search modes to search in different terrains and to perform certain tasks, in addition to automatic ground balancing and wireless headphones, which make the device suitable for the practical use of professional prospectors.

Simplex Features:

Device uses:

Simplex, one of the cheapest gold detectors when you decide to buy metal detector. It can be used to detect ancient coins or forged gold jewelry such as rings, collars, or any metal object buried underground to a depth of up to 1 meter.

Working principle of the device:

Operating using VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology, the Simplex uses a 12 kHz search frequency, offering sensitivity-improved performance for underground metal object detection.

How the Simplex device works:

The device works with the technology of very low frequencies (VLF) used in prospecting for gold and antiquities, and the method of the device depends on the presence of a special disk for search that sends electromagnetic signals towards the ground when it collides with a buried object. Therefore, the device can discover raw gold, prospecting for ancient coins made of different metals and searching for pieces of antiquities, whatever their size, and all the remnants of ancient civilizations, and the detection of all kinds of metals such as iron, copper, earth pipes.

The Simplex device emits different tones for each object it monitors, for example, it issues a special tone for the gold field and another different tone for iron, and so on, in addition to its easy-to-use the program, the price is suitable, and it is the cheapest gold detector.

Buy metal detector Klayzer Gr PRO

The Klayzer GR Pro is one of the best-advanced devices when you buy metal detector. Designed for professional use and serial mining, there's nothing you can't do with this one.

This device has superior performance. It is designed to operate submerged up to 10 feet under fresh and salt water without restrictions. The reason it does not have a great screen is its water-resistant design. Instead, there are LEDs that indicate the signal strength to provide the data in a visual form, which really deserves to be ranked among the best gold detectors.

This metal detector operates at a pulse frequency of 18-19 kHz and emits 730 points per second.

It is inherently immune to many types of soil conditions, but the ground can be balanced if the conditions prove challenging even for the professional researcher.

This device also allows distinguishing between metal types by Iron Audio when using the search disk, and provides many adjustable and upgradable settings.

It is more than suitable for detecting even the smallest pieces of fine jewelry, delicate coins and 0.1-gram gold nuggets.

If you want to get superior performance from the best gold detectors, you will not find a more suitable device than this and you can get from European Technology Group with fast shipping services and the warranty.


Buy metal detector if you want to discover buried treasures like ancient coins, precious gold jewelry and priceless archaeological treasures.

People Ask
  • Are the gold nuggets important? What is the purity of raw gold nuggets?

    When you find gold nuggets, you should know that you have found very important pieces. Gold nuggets are formed from small pieces of gold buried underground and later smelted to form ingots. The larger the size of the gold nugget, the rarer it is, and the higher its price. The average purity of most raw gold nuggets is about eighteen karat. Raw gold nuggets generally consist of a high percentage of gold. As for the alloy that is found in the markets, it consists of a high percentage of gold, often mixed with silver and copper.

  • Are nuggets of gold present in all rivers, and what are the physical properties of gold that I should know when I buy metal detector?

    The riverbeds that run through the mining areas especially contain some gold nuggets in them. But it depends on a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration when buying a gold detector. The gold found in rivers is called alluvial gold, which is a name that indicates the erosion that causes the accumulation of gold in rivers. As for the physical properties of gold: its color is bright yellow, with a clear luster, gold metal can be struck to form very thin sheets, it is malleable or bendable, it is a good conductor of electricity and finally it is soluble.

  • What are the signs of the presence of gold in the explored place?

    If you are lucky to buy metal detector with good specifications, the process of extracting gold will be very easy for you and all you have to do is to consider the following signs: Acidic mineral solutions in gold-finding areas can increase the white color of gold-bearing rocks, so look for light-colored rocks. Quartz stones are a common indication of the presence of the mineral gold nearby.

  • What should I look for when I buy metal detector, and what metals do these machines not detect?

    You should look for the following specifications: The device should be multi-purpose and be equipped with professional capabilities and high features to distinguish gold from other metals. As for the metals that these machines do not detect, they are stainless steel, due to its low magnetic field, which means that it is unable to emit the strong signal that the device is looking for to detect the metal.

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